Toy Commercial Tuesday: Spiral Zone

Do you guys remember Spiral Zone? I want to say that I do, but I don’t have a clear, distinct memory of this ad or ones like it and I’m almost certain I don’t have any of the toys in my collection. This seems to also be one of the rare 80s toy lines that didn’t come up in my days at Wizard and ToyFare when I was either getting art for or editing ToyFare’s vintage toy features. Heck, I don’t remember it even being mentioned back when I was asking friends and colleagues for possible toy lines to mention in the list of the 50 greatest action features of all time I wrote the magazine back in 2009. And yet, part of my brain thinks it remembers knowing about them.

Thanks to the least in-depth amount of research possible, I discovered that Spiral Zone was a Bandai property purchased by Tonka and refitted for American audiences as both a cartoon and toy line. The fairly dark tone of the series went through all 65 episodes, but only lasted the one season. Maybe that’s why I have such vague memories of the property. Anyone have more solid ones?

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