Toy Commercial Tuesday: Trash Bag Bunch

I have a green, briefcase-esque McDonald’s lunchbox somewhere filled with tiny figures. There’s a combination of Happy Meal toys, those clear egg offerings you could get for a quarter or two at the grocery store and other random tiny toys. These might have seemed like rejects, but all together I could have some pretty epic battles, even though most of them had zero points of articulation.

Two of the toys in there came from Galoob’s line of Trash Bag Bunch toys which were basically blind boxed (bagged, really) minifigures packed in bags that disolved when placed in water. TBB figures were basically the same as MUSCLE or Monster In My Pocket toys but more fully painted and with that additional gimmick. The story, such as there was one, pitted gun-toting heroes against crazy monsters. The Trash Bag Bunch hit on two popular kid trends of the time: gross stuff and environmental stuff. What’s dirtier than trash? And yet, the good guys — called Disposers — are dedicated to keeping the world clean while the Trashor bad guys fight “dirty and mean!”

I don’t remember this commercial at all, but man, look at how fantastic it is? I’d love to see an entire movie focusing on these kids and how the Trash Bag Bunch winds up helping the main kid stick up for himself…or find treasure or whatever.

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