Toy Commercial Tuesday: Barnyard Commandos

Barnyard Commandos was one of those toy lines I knew nothing about until strolling through my local Toys R Us as a kid where I saw the Pork-A-Pult and was lucky enough to walk away with it. If you want to actually see what that is, head on over to the Virtual Toy Chest Barnyard Commando page and scroll down a bit. Once there you’ll see a vehicle that looks like it was cobbled together in a junk yard and also includes a toilet seat and a bathtub, two things my young brain hadn’t seen before, but most definitely made me giggle. I’m fairly certain that was the extent of my relationship with this line of toys which saw sheep and pigs getting souped up weapons and what not thanks to a nuclear accident, but it was definitely a fun toy that’s still probably in a box in my parents’ basement or my own storage unit.

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