Toy Commercial Tuesday: Radio Controlled Hulk

The main reason I started doing Toy Commercial Tuesday posts was to take a little walk down memory lane, presenting many of the ads I remember drooling over as a kid and offering a few memories related to them. One of the unexpected bonuses of searching YouTube for toy commercials has been stumbling upon toys I never knew existed. This Radio Controlled Inflatable Hulk certainly fits into that latter category (mostly because it came out three years before I was born).

Watching this commercial I kept thinking, “Holy crap, this is such a great idea, why don’t they still do radio controlled punching bags?” Maybe it had something to do with needing to come up with two 9 volt batteries and four Cs. Heck, that right there probably doubled the cost of this thing. Plus, I’d imagine the inflatable part got popped pretty often by kids trying to prove they were the strongest one there is.

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