Toy Commercial Tuesday: Starriors Wastors

It still blows me away that the action figure market was so strong in the 80s that a toy could not only get a comic book made, but also inspire an entire animated series. It just seems so backwards from today when just about every toy line is based on an existing franchise. Plus, can you imagine a new action figure line even bothering with a comic book? That seems so archaic!

And yet, lines like Starriors existed. As I mentioned in an Ad It Up last year, this toy line got the comic book treatment from Marvel (written by Louise Simonson, even), but didn’t make it to the small screen. I have zero memories of these toys from the late 80s when they were birthed, but considering I was a huge toy fan, I probably would have been sucked in had I been aware. Heck, it’s possible I actually have or had one or two of them without knowing what they were.

This commercial has so much goodness in it, I can hardly stand it! Those two robots in the animated sequence just walk right into each other before fighting! It’s like watching two drunk dudes at a bar who aren’t really paying attention but feel some innate need to scrap in order to right a perceived wrong! Then you’ve got the homemade headquarters that looks like a sheet draped over a chair with a few toys thrown on. I still love seeing the fake, to-G.I. Joe-scale rivers in some of these spots, but this is how I used to play, making whatever I could with what I had and letting my imagination do the heavy lifting.

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