Toy Commercial Tuesday: Mighty Max

Back in the early 90s there was an interesting trend in toys that combined very tiny action figures that came in to-scale playsets that could theoretically fit in a kid’s pocket or backpack. You had Polly Pocket “for girls” and Mighty Max “for boys.” I never got into these actual toys, but did think they were pretty rad at the time. I did however get involved with the Mighty Max cartoon which lasted two seasons. I was taken by the concept of a kid named Max having dimension-hopping adventures (a favorite topic of mine, see my recent Exiles review) with his mentor, a talking chicken named Virgil, and his bulky bodyguard Norman. It’s been ages since I’ve actually watched an episode of the series, but I was a sucker for anything involving a kid going on crazy adventures with weird characters so this was right up my alley.

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