Toy Commercial Tuesday: The Bots Master

Occasionally, when I was a kid I was given a certain amount of money and allowed to spend it however I wanted at the toy store. This will certainly age me, but I used to be able to take a $20 into the action figure aisle and walk out with four or more toys. My grandma would do this sometimes when I’d stay with her over the summer and one time I came away with some Bots Masters toys. I didn’t know anything about the cartoon or the fact that the robots joined up like the Constructacons. I just knew that the main character kid looked cool, the bad guy pumped blood through his protruding heart and there was a robot with a bat. If memory serves, these guys were on clearance, so I got a good deal. Anyway, I was thinking about these toys recently, did a little Googling around and figured out what they were actually called. What a super-duper 90s concept what with all the neon, 3D and radicalness.

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