It’s All Connected: Scream & Scream Again (1970)

In the very same year that Gordon Hessler unleashed the very bad Cry Of The Banshee he teamed with Vincent Price again for another picture, the delightfully titled Scream & Scream Again. If you’re curious, Scream actually came out first in February followed by Banshee in July. Though I enjoyed his bonkers KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park, I was not sure how well his other film would land in what has mostly been a successful It’s All Connected. So, how’d it go?

Hmm, good question. It was not offensive by any means it just doesn’t, what’s the term, make a lick of sense! Or rather, it’s nearly impossible to follow as it’s happening, and not in a fun Usual Suspects type way. The credits for the film play over a guy running, he falls down and then, throughout the course of the film, he wakes up missing a new appendage each time. At the same time, we keep cutting to a group with an uncomfortably Nazi-like emblem run by Peter Cushing, but featuring the movie’s real bad guy (or one of them) Konartz (Marshall Jones) who kills people with, let’s just say it, the Vulcan nerve pinch.

So that’s all going on, but the main story features the delightfully fast-talking Detective Supt. Bellaver (Alfred Marks) trying to find a serial killer in swinging London who also makes a few puncture marks on his victims. You might think this piece becomes a big mystery, but you would be incorrect because there is an incredibly long scenes with Strickland chasing the killer — played by Michael Gothard who rocks a silky purple shirt like no one else — that do not take place at the end of the picture by any means. Haha, oh right, Christopher Lee works for the British government in the spy game. I think.

Oh and Vincent Price is in this too! The first woman who gets killed by Gothard’s character worked for him, so the cops visit him early on. Down the line he comes back in to play and…even he doesn’t know what happens (according to an IMDb Trivia bit that said he never fully understood the script).

I fully believe that this is a bad movie. I don’t know if the blame lies with Hessler or the script or the studio — apparently the novel it’s based on had aliens behind all the craziness, which sounds awesome — but whatever happened, the result is not a good film. However, the next question is: should you watch it? I won’t come at you with a hard “no.” In fact, I’m wondering if this is one of those flicks that only makes a bit of sense the second time around.

If you’re someone (like me) who likes anything with fellas like Price, Cushing and Lee, then it’s probably worth a watch even though Cushing’s barly in it and Lee and Price only meet up towards the end. However, if you want to see legends really interact with each other, then you’ll want to check out the next TWO movies I watched! Plus, next time, the flow chart graphic above doubles in size!

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