Mini Monsters: Cat’s Eye (1985)

There were two reasons I checked out Stephen King’s anthology horror flick Cat’s Eye. First off, this horror magazine I read called HorrorHound wrote about it in their latest issue which was anthology themed. A quick note on HH before moving on. I love this mag, but the lack of editing drives me CRAZY. As … Continue reading Mini Monsters: Cat’s Eye (1985)

Halloween Scene: Critters (1986)

Gah, damn you Ruins for taking up so many of the last few hours of today, you almost made me miss my self-imposed schedule of posting about something horror every day (the Star Wars Death Troopers thing doesn’t count). Okay, so as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I scored three Critters VHS tapes at … Continue reading Halloween Scene: Critters (1986)

Live Blogging Nowhere To Run (1993)

I recently got a smart phone and have been having a lot of fun with it. Since my laptop’s still a mess and I haven’t been able to replace it yet, I figured I’d be able to live blog again using my phone’s internet access capabilities. As some of you might have noticed, I accidentally … Continue reading Live Blogging Nowhere To Run (1993)