Ad It Up: Bionic Commando For NES

As I said back when I reviewed the Xbox 360 version of Bionic Commando — which I liked overall even if it wasn’t an astonishingly good game — I love and always have loved pretty much anything with grappling hooks. That’s one of the things I loved about the NES version which I rented a few times and played over at friends’ houses. I don’t think I ever got very far in the game, but I do remember one time where I was falling off a ledge and used the grappling hook to save myself, but I didn’t show back up. I also didn’t die so the game was in a kind of limbo where I was Schrodinger’s cat though long before I knew what that meant. It was a unique experience that I still remember today where something that was supposed to work in a certain way, wound up working in a completely different way. That doesn’t really happen anymore does it? With discs, you’re game is pretty much either running or it’s not. Glitches are mostly gone. I guess that’s not really sad unless you have fond memories of them. Anyway, this ad is fun and continues the NES tradition of crummy box art showcased along with very tiny screens showing the game and way more text than you’ll find in an entire magazine’s worth of ads these days.

Ad It Up: Double Dragon

When I look at this page I realize that Tradewest and the rest of the video game companies putting out games in the early days of the home video game market did not have Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price helping them out with their ads. I can not get Roger Sterling’s voice out of my head saying, “Why do the musclebound brothers look like their going to kiss?” I’m not crazy, right? That image conveys longing and love, not the “Let’s go kick ass and get our gut-punched girlfriend back!” spirit of the game itself, which is awesome by the way. An odd choice to say the least.