New Hampshire Haul

Last weekend the missus and I traveled to New Hampshire so she could go to a family bridal shower with her mom. It was nice to go someplace different, especially a much cooler place. Anyway, we hit up a deep discount place called Building 19 and also the Londonderry Flea Market…twice and I got all kinds of rad stuff. Continue reading New Hampshire Haul

A Few Things I Want To Do After Watching Videos This Morning

Thanks to MTV, Fuse and VH1 there are several new things I now have to add to my bucket list and that doesn’t even count all the mellow-rock-dudes-playing-pianos I now want to punch in the face.

Go to Vegas with Katy Perry and the dude from Grandma’s Boy and Dodge Ball (two of my favorite comedies), even if it means I lose all my money.

At least I’d get to hang out with Katy Perry (what happened to all the awesome retro clothes though?!), mess with Penn and Teller and win a butt-ton of money, even if just for a moment. I’m not sure how I feel about that whole Groundhog Day-like cyclical thing though.

I also want to go to party at the Black Eyed Peas’ house. It looks like a lot of fun:

A few of my favorite moments:

All the Yiddish (if I knew how to spell the words, I’d write them out, but I’m just a dumb Catholic boy).


Taboo looking like Bruno (cross promotion perhaps?)

Black lights/Green hands

And, of course, Fergie’s tacked-on brushes with lesbianism.

Still, this looks a lot more fun than any party I’ve ever been to, thrown or heard about.

I also wouldn’t mind hanging out with the Cage the Elephant guys, I think we’d get along well (love this album by the way):