Did You Catch All The Pop Culture References On Community?

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I meant to comment on this on Thursday, after the episode aired, but, the gang behind Community killed it again last week. Not only did Abed throw around all kinds of Over The Top references (a favorite here at UM), but the girls were caught in what was referred to twice as a “reverse Porky’s,” which consisted of them spying on an anatomically correct mannequin. As the owner of the Porky’s box set, it was a reference I greatly appreciated. Oh, plus, they had a, STD awareness party with tons of booze. Hilarious. If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing above. Also, as I noted over on my Maxim TV column, We Like To Watch, next week’s episode will guest star Anthony Michael Hall, which means we get a National Lampoon’s Vacation reunion between him and Chevy Chase.

Season Premieres: SNL Update, Parks & Recreation, The Office & Community

Well, I have to say that NBC certainly brought it as the kids say today with their four big comedy season premiers. The Saturday Night Live Weekend Update on Thursday thing was fun even though I don’t pay much attention to the news so I was a little lost on some things. I did happen to listen to Madonna’s weird MTV Video Awards eulogy for Michael Jackson and am glad someone called her on it.

Moving right along, Park & Recreation was the surprise of the night for me. I was ROLLING. And anyone who’s a regular reader of the blog knows that I’ve definitely had my problems with that show. But this episode with Leslie becoming a minor gay icon in her small Indiana town. Maybe I’m just more used to the characters or maybe the writers finally are, but everything seemed a lot funnier and on point as opposed to the stumbles and fumbles that plagued this mid-season replacement last season. If you fell off the P&R wagon last year, I recommend hitting the bottle again.

The Office, one of my favorite shows, also didn’t disappoint. I like how Michael handled things with crazier and crazier lies. Who wouldn’t watch a spin-off about Kevin and the man driving him from the inside? I sure would. There’s not much else to say, but it feels like this show is still going strong and I think Jim and Pam might be my favorite TV couple.

And finally, my most anticipated show of the season, Community starring The Soup’s Joel McHale and Chevy Chase was pretty rad too. I really appreciated that they didn’t start the show on day one, but actually half a week in. That would have felt boring, which would not have served the comedy or story very well. Sure, we’re not given all the details right away, but we get the important stuff and everything else will just come along. It’s weird seeing Joel act because he seems so normal and actual on The Soup and Chase killed it. The entire cast really seemed to gel and I can’t wait to see where the show goes.

Like I said, it was a great night for comedy. I will miss My Name Is Earl and even Kath & Kim, but this line-up will do until 30 Rock comes back to rock my face off as per usual.

Trailer Time: Community and … Dance Flick?

Usually, trailers give me way more than I want. I don’t want to see too many details and scenes, especially important ones that give away too much of the movie. The ad campaigns that really did their job as far as hooking me as someone who didn’t really care at first, but got me more and more excited as the release date got closer and closer were Transformers, Iron Man and the upcoming Star Trek and Terminator Salvation. But then, sometimes trailers come up and surprise you for one reason or another.

Sometimes a trailer surprises you because you had no idea it was even int he works. I’m not the most connected guy when it comes to Hollywood news, but I like to think I stay pretty current on what’s coming out. Well, I was completely surprised when NBC posted the following trailer for an upcoming show called Community starring Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase (yes, FLETCH!!!) and produced, directed or created by someone involved in Arrested Development. Assuming Mchale stays on as the host of The Soup, I don’t see how Community won’t rock my face off.

And then, sometimes a trailer comes along that you fully expect to hate and it actually makes you want to see the movie. I felt that way when I first saw the trailer for Dance Flick. I’m assuming this is being made by the same people who made the sloppy and (from what I’ve heard, I haven’t seen them) awful, Movie Movies (Date, Epic, Scary, etc.). Well, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve seen most of the goofy dance movies Dance Flick seems to be riffing on, that I have a soft spot for slapstick movies (I love Airplane, Hot Shots and the Naked gun movies) or the fact that it’s actually a quality movie, but this trailer did everything it’s supposed to. First it got me laughing, then it got me laughing harder. I’m not saying it ranks up there with the movies I mentioned above and they probably should have given the movie a more original title to separate this movie (which at least seems to have a more zeroed-in focus as far as what it’s satirizing), but Dance Flick actually looks funny. We shall see though.