Did You Catch All The Pop Culture References On Community?

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I meant to comment on this on Thursday, after the episode aired, but, the gang behind Community killed it again last week. Not only did Abed throw around all kinds of Over The Top references (a favorite here at UM), but the girls were caught in what was referred to twice as a “reverse Porky’s,” which consisted of them spying on an anatomically correct mannequin. As the owner of the Porky’s box set, it was a reference I greatly appreciated. Oh, plus, they had a, STD awareness party with tons of booze. Hilarious. If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing above. Also, as I noted over on my Maxim TV column, We Like To Watch, next week’s episode will guest star Anthony Michael Hall, which means we get a National Lampoon’s Vacation reunion between him and Chevy Chase.

3 thoughts on “Did You Catch All The Pop Culture References On Community?

  1. I love Community! I was really worried back in the day that it would suck, but it just gets funnier and funnier. I hope it gets to stay on.

    1. This was the one new show I was really looking forward to before this season started and it’s by far my favorite new show. I was mostly looking forward to Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, and they’re great, but I’m really liking the younger two dudes. Great stuff.

      1. Yes! They are fabulous. I love all their little bits at the end of each episode. I also really like Shirley. Especially that one episode where she and Jeff kept gossiping. But I think if that actress wasn’t so great, that character would be really annoying.

        I’m intrigued by this Anthony Michael Hall news. In my head he always looks like he did in Breakfast Club, and then I’m always freaked out by how big and bulky he is. Should be fun.

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