Halloween Post Mortem

Hopefully everyone had a fun Halloween. I had a pretty great weekend. After watching five horror movies on Friday and chopping up 16 small pumpkins for seeds, the missus and I hung out. She’s a big fan of ghost/haunting shows, so we watched a lot of those plus some Soup action which is always fun. That night, she carved her skeleton pumpkin. On Saturday, while the missus worked on a rad Rubick’s Cube cake for the 80s themed Halloween party we went to that night, I worked on my Lion-O pumpkin and watched TV. Above you can see our costumes. I was pretty lazy and went as Magnum P.I. (only needed to buy the mustache) and the missus, like many of the other ladies at the party, went as an 80s chick. She put way more effort into her costume than I did mine, I didn’t even trim the mustache like I should have. The party was also a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Sharon. After the big surprise, we hung out, drank some drinks (well, I did, not the missus) and then played some beer pong. Amy–the hostess of the party along with her husband John who was dressed as Doc Brown from Back to the Future–and I teamed up for some pretty epic wins. Super extra mega bonus points for getting eyeball ping pong balls. Had lots of drinks and a great time. On Sunday, I woke up with a headache which is a good indicator of a fun night. We spent all day watching more ghost shows and then passed out candy all night. I also cooked a bunch of the pumpkin seeds. I accidentally bumped the temperature on the oven up a hundred degrees which lead to a bunch of burnt seeds, but we still got a good harvest. The missus and I traded off on handing out candy, it went pretty well for the most part. We only had a handful of douchey older kids who didn’t wear costumes. I gave them Chiclets. Finally, here’s my Lion-O pumpkin all lit up, you can see it in the daylight here. I used my dremmel on this bad boy and scraped the hell out of the inside in hopes that the light would shine through the hair. It all worked out pretty well. One kid even asked if it was God, which is way too awesome. We’ve got a good deal of extra candy and I’m looking forward to watching some non-horror movies, though I had a great time with that double feature project I did this month.

Official Jersey Shore Halloween Costumes

I know what you were just thinking, “Should I go as Pauly D or Snooki for Halloween?” Well Rubies has you covered with a trio of costumes based on the fun cast members of Jersey Shore: The Situation, DJ Pauly D and Snooki. You can buy these ridiculous pieces at stores like Entertainment Earth who I swiped the pics from (but also linked back to their store, so I think it’s fair). Is it me or does the Snooki costume look more like JWOWW? YOU DECIDE!

Golden Age Brave And The Bold

Remember photo covers? They sure were cool. Actually, no, they usually sucked. Anyway, Rickey‘s Photoshop kung-fu is way strong, which enabled him to put this amazing cover together, celebrating our epic Golden Age Flash and Green Lantern team-up this past Halloween. If this is a comic you want to see, email your favorite DC Comics editor and demand it!

Halloween Scene: Happy Halloween!!!

What’s up Halloween Sceners, hopefully everyone’s getting pumped for Halloween Night. I will not be reading or watching any horror related material tonight because I’m heading to a superhero themed costume party. If you just There’s even going to be a band! It’ll be like a high school movie. I haven’t gotten fully dressed yet, but here’s a quick look at part of my costume:

If you can’t figure it out based on that, you’re definitely not a DC Comics fan, but that’s okay.

Also, around 4:30PM today we saw some kids rolling up to our condo complex not wearing costumes and obnoxiously ringing the doorbell and knocking over and over. So, I decided not to give them candy. When I went out to get beer, I found this in my door handle:

Jesus candy is the best candy.

And finally, I saw this Halloween store yesterday in the mall and plan on suing them:

Now get out there and cause some trouble!