Halloween Scene: Happy Halloween!!!

What’s up Halloween Sceners, hopefully everyone’s getting pumped for Halloween Night. I will not be reading or watching any horror related material tonight because I’m heading to a superhero themed costume party. If you just There’s even going to be a band! It’ll be like a high school movie. I haven’t gotten fully dressed yet, but here’s a quick look at part of my costume:

If you can’t figure it out based on that, you’re definitely not a DC Comics fan, but that’s okay.

Also, around 4:30PM today we saw some kids rolling up to our condo complex not wearing costumes and obnoxiously ringing the doorbell and knocking over and over. So, I decided not to give them candy. When I went out to get beer, I found this in my door handle:

Jesus candy is the best candy.

And finally, I saw this Halloween store yesterday in the mall and plan on suing them:

Now get out there and cause some trouble!

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