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Hey, it’s Stan Lee and Chris Ware’s birthday today, have a happy one!

My boy Kiel Phegley got interviewed by Tom Spurgeon, haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing yet, but I dig what he’s said so far. All the Wizard stuff jives with my experiences, for whatever that’s worth.

Esquire‘s 2010 drinking timeline is pretty interesting.

Huh, Newsarama has an oral history of Captain Marvel? I’ll bite, but how will I remember to check for future columns without having to read the ‘Rama on the regular? (via Tom Spurgeon)

Robot 6 wants to know what you think the weirdest comic news story of the year was. I’d say Nick Simmons being a plagiarist, but that’s less weird than really, really sad and skeezy.

I Heart Chaos brings back Name That Movie and, as of this reading, only one person has gotten one right. Head over and see if you can get the other four.

And finally, the 2011 JoeCon exclusive figures look like something straight out of the 90s with their bright colors and Mainframe’s huge computer. That looks like one of those original portable computers where the keyboard detached from the face. My aunt had one and gave it to me which blew my mind back in the early 90s even if the damn thing didn’t really work. (via Toynewsi)

Casting Internets

Hey look, I wrote a list about 10 non traditional Christmas movies over on Topless Robot. Any excuse to watch Gremlins and Batman Returns again is aces in my book.

While I’m tooting my own horn, go check out an interview I did with the Mattel guys working on the new Young Justice toy line for ToyFare which is now up on the general Wizard Entertainment blog Pie Monkey. Also check out the He-Man/Inception Twisted ToyFare Theater I helped work on here.

My buddy Sean Collins just kicked off the lotsa fun Superheroes Lose Tumblr.

I hadn’t thought about this up until now, but someone over on The Fwoosh‘s regular Ask Matty (that’s Mattel) column asked if, now that Vertigo characters are showing up in the DCU, will they be in the DC Universe Classics line. He specifically asked about Swamp Thing, but just think about the possibilities!If the Dalek Christmas tree doesn’t get you in the Holiday spirit, nothing will. (via IHC)Speaking of Doctor Who the new action figures each come with part of the Pandorica and a CD! AWESOME! (via Toynewsi)

I know one person who will be crazy-excited about Marvel announcing their new CrossGen imprint. Dude actually has a CrossGen license plate, or did back when I knew him. Hey, at least they didn’t trying shoehorn the characters into the Marvel U like the Distinguished Competition has done three times in the past few years. (via Robot 6)

This parrot singing “Bodies” made me laugh harder than it probably should have. (via Super Punch)

Tim Heffernan‘s assessment of Marine General James Amos’ fear of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell seems dead on to me.

Esquire continues asking interesting people what they’ve learned from life. In case you were wondering, yes, Robert Redford is still awesome.

Ron Marz has a new column over on CBR. I dig the guy’s work a lot and liked the first column. Can’t wait to see what else we get!

Like everyone else on the comic internet, I found Brian Hibbs‘ assessment of the current comic market fascinating, specifically this bit “I think that the publishers are largely producing too many of the wrong comics at the wrong price point.”

Mmmm, I think a whiskey punch is in my immediate future. Thanks Esquire!

Finally, I think these Old Navy Techno Hoodies with earbuds built into the draw strings are freaking ingenious, but how do you wash them without getting electrocuted later?

Casting Internets

I was pretty excited to see Brian Cronin talk about the ultra weird Captain Marvel comics from M.F. Enterprises. I’ve got a few random issues of this comic and have always wondered about its origins.

Sideshow‘s new site looks pretty good, much easier to navigate.

The first part of Whitney Matheson’s interview with Edgar Wright is pretty interesting. Worth reading if you’re a fan of the director.

My buddy Sean Collins read the second part of Grant Morrison’s Batman epic and put it in order. I’ve said it before, but I’m really looking forward to getting this section in trade and reading all of Morrison’s Batman stuff from Batman & Son through Return of Bruce Wayne including Final Crisis to see how it all plays together.

I like whiskey, so I’ll be taking notes from Esquire‘s list of the best fall whiskey cocktails.

Tom and Lorenzo think the Victoria Secret Fashion Show was super gay design0-wise. Hey, I’m cool with it as long as they dress like this and this. So many colors!

Holy crap, you can get a four disc complete set of Thundarr The Barbarian on Warner Bros. Archives. It’s on sale right now for $20.96. It’s weird, I was looking at this while listening to the latest Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast and they mentioned this. If you put in “Smodcast” you get $5 off! I might have to indulge…

Coors Light Home Brew Commercial

I snapped a picture of these awesome refrigerator kegs at my local grocery store and posted it over on my Tumblr. But when I went to pick up some groceries this week, they were all gone! Seeing this commercial today during the Saints/Vikings game made regret not grasping the opportunity when I had the chance. I also wish Ditka would come to my house.