Casting Internets

Kiel’s friend Anthony Purcell guilder his first NES zapper in copper. Amazing.

Another friend experiments with whiskey. Good luck! Check out Glen Brogan’s Wet Hot American Summer piece for the Gallery1988 comedy show. He posted about it both on his own blog and The Autumn Society’s, both are worth checking out.

I never would have pegged Arizona for one of the most screwed up state in the country, but wow.

I think it’s kind of hilarious that the excellent documentary King of Kong spawned such an interest in old school gaming that /Film still covers who holds the record. We’ve got a newbie on top now, sounds like it’s time for King of Kong Jr. to me!Dan Hipp‘s zombified take on You Only Live Twice is excellent.

Gah! Adrian Beiting needs to get out of my head! I was just thinking about pitching Topless Robot on a list of the coolest Nerf weapons, but got beaten to the punch. Good list!

Congrats to Scott C who’s getting his own Gallery1988 show on February 4th!Finally, if anyone wants to pitch in and get me this guitar for my birthday, I would not oppose.

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