Toy Commercial Tuesday: Lazer Tag Stadium

As I said last year when I featured a Lazer Tag comic book ad in Ad It Up, I was a big fan of the concept. I think I actually played with the gear more in a roleplay sense that I did the actual Lazer Tag game, but it was still a ton of fun. I probably would have played more often if my friends and I were awesome fighters like the guys and lady in this commercial.

Ad It Up: Lazer Tag

I LOVED Lazer Tag as a kid and was lucky enough to have everything but the crazy helmets. The guns still look slick today and became favorites as a kid. I also remember liking the Lazer Tag cartoon, but can only assume that it doesn’t hold up very well today, like most cartoons from that time. You know what else doesn’t hold up? Hex #17 (1986), the comic I scanned this from. Woof, what a stinker, but at least I got some great Ad It Up fodder from the experience. Writing this kind of makes me want to dust off the ol’ Lazer Tag gear and see if it still works. Anyone want to play?