Ad It Up: Lazer Tag

I LOVED Lazer Tag as a kid and was lucky enough to have everything but the crazy helmets. The guns still look slick today and became favorites as a kid. I also remember liking the Lazer Tag cartoon, but can only assume that it doesn’t hold up very well today, like most cartoons from that time. You know what else doesn’t hold up? Hex #17 (1986), the comic I scanned this from. Woof, what a stinker, but at least I got some great Ad It Up fodder from the experience. Writing this kind of makes me want to dust off the ol’ Lazer Tag gear and see if it still works. Anyone want to play?

2 thoughts on “Ad It Up: Lazer Tag

  1. Uh…Sorry, T – I think that may be one of the very few toys of yours that actually got discarded. I could be wrong. We do have LOTS of sealed up boxes marked “T.J.’s Toys”!

  2. I would gladly play Lazer Tag with you given how I annihilated that time we went to the arcade. I still have the score.

    I am sorry to have brought back up this painful memory.

    Also, I beat you in Madden that one time.

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