Toy Commercial Tuesday: Legends Of Batman Part 2

If you guys are fans of vintage toys, I highly recommend following @KennerToys, an account that posts several images a day from the toy company’s long history of making many of the toys a lot of us grew up on. While scrolling through some recent posts, I was reminded of the epic Legends Of Batman line that I did a previous TCT on back in 2012. Well, it seemed like a good enough time to dip back into that well and I came up with a pretty killer bail of liquid, toy commercial gold.

There are three crazy things about this 30 second spot. First, you’ve got the action figures which include Samurai, Silver Knight and Flight Pack varieties of Batman along with the Riddler figure, the last of which I think I owned. These three figures take the theme of the line — Elseworlds versions of Batman — and run with it perfectly. Heck, that Flight Pack Bats is actually pretty rad and I kind of wish I owned him.

detective comics 682

And then there’s the CGI. Wow. Sure it looks very Reboot or Beast Wars to our eyes now, but that would have blown me away as a kid (I don’t ever remember seeing this ad, for what it’s worth). But, for me, the craziest part of this commercial is how they tried to make it look like that Silver Knight Batman comic was a real thing. As a huge fan of the Bat books of this era, I saw immediately that they just overlaid the CGI version of the medieval Dark Knight on top of the existing cover of Detective Comics #682. This was an important issue (you could tell because it was embossed) because it it introduced Batman’s all black costume. For reference, compare the cover to the image seen around the 5 second mark of the commercial.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Legends Of Batman

Oh man, you guys, I had almost forgotten about the Legends of Batman action figure line. I don’t know much of the history behind this one, but my gut tells me that this was an attempt by Kenner to go after more of the collector market by posing figures a little more dynamically a la McFarlane’s Spawn figures. I could be completely wrong on that, but it’s my guess. Anyway, the idea here was that you’d get to choose from some pretty weird versions of Batman and his pals, many of which were seen in the various Elseworlds annuals and one-shots. As a fan of those comics, I really dug this line. It also happened to give us some really impressive villain sculpts that I’ll get into in a future post (when they’re actually included in the commercial). I think I actually have all three figures shown in this one, though I’m not all the way sure about Cyborg Bats there, I was definitely a fan of the future one, but I still wished he had a more normal pose.