Toy Commercial Tuesday: Legends Of Batman

Oh man, you guys, I had almost forgotten about the Legends of Batman action figure line. I don’t know much of the history behind this one, but my gut tells me that this was an attempt by Kenner to go after more of the collector market by posing figures a little more dynamically a la McFarlane’s Spawn figures. I could be completely wrong on that, but it’s my guess. Anyway, the idea here was that you’d get to choose from some pretty weird versions of Batman and his pals, many of which were seen in the various Elseworlds annuals and one-shots. As a fan of those comics, I really dug this line. It also happened to give us some really impressive villain sculpts that I’ll get into in a future post (when they’re actually included in the commercial). I think I actually have all three figures shown in this one, though I’m not all the way sure about Cyborg Bats there, I was definitely a fan of the future one, but I still wished he had a more normal pose.

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