The High Five Episode 40 – Toy Movies

On this week’s episode, I’m running down some of the most interesting films based on toy lines, most of which began when I was a kid! Along the way, I recount my personal history with the toys as well as the movies and even give some history as we go. For sources I used the He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Barbie episodes of the excellent Toys That Made Us series on Netflix as well as some real life books: The Official 30th Anniversary Salute To GI Joe 1964-1994 by Vince Santelmo and The Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe by Tim and Steve Seeley.

Here’s a fan reconstruction of the Universal Conan show that got Gary Goddard the job directing Masters Of The Universe!

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Geek Briefs: Megatron & Spider-Man

I spotted these briefs at Target last week in the men’s section. There were also Superman and Batman pairs, but there was a Target employee folding clothes nearby and she turned around, so I tried to make it look like I was innocently looking at my phone. I’ve got a few pairs of geeky boxers, but for some reason these just seem weirder to me, maybe because it means that character is tightly pressed against your junk. I don’t want Megatron there you guys. Doesn’t seem safe.

They really send a message to the ladies don’t they? Too bad that message is probably “None shall pass!”