The High Five Podcast Episode 60 – Five Fantastic Female Horror Directors!

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m celebrating a quintet of women horror directors whose work has blown me away recently. I’m talking Chelsea Stardust, Nia DaCosta, Danishka Esterhazy, Leigh Janiak and Jackie Kong!

Throughout the episode, I mentioned the following episodes:

I also mentioned this great Shock Waves interview with Jackie Kong! And Dastardly Double Feature #3, talking about Blood Diner and Chopping Mall.

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The High Five Podcast Episode 45 – Favorite Horror Movie & TV Discovers of 2021

With my penultimate 2021 review episode, I’m looking back at some of my favorite horror movies and TV shows of the year!

Throughout the episode, I also mention a bunch of previous episodes, you can find them here:

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The High Five Episode 5 – The Kids’ Favorite Shows Of 2020

On this week’s High Five Podcast I’m joined by not one, but two very special guests: my kids! On this one, the three of us discuss our favorite TV show watching experiences of last year. It might sound a little funky because it was recorded differently than the others, but I hope you’ll enjoy our takes on some of the best shows for families around!

Halloween Scene: New Slasher Round-Up!

Good golly, I watched a lot of horror movies this season. I actually kicked things off pretty early, sometime in September and pretty much watched only scare fare since then with the exception of many, many episodes of Daniel Tiger, the shows my wife and I watch and a few kids movies sprinkled in.

I found myself missing Topless Robot quite a bit this fall as that site offered the best place for me to knock out crazy lists about some of the longest running horror franchises around. I wound up not writing anything about new horror for pay, so I’m going to go through as many of the newer films as I can in this series of posts. Let’s start off with one of my favorite subgenres, the slasher movie! I watched four that I thought each did something fun an interesting. Continue reading Halloween Scene: New Slasher Round-Up!

What We Watched In 2015

Back in the day, this blog got traffic boosts from the posts I wrote about Jersey Shore, The Challenge, Real Housewives and The Big Bang Theory. Taking notes while watching and posting that night got pretty exhausting and when the kids starting coming, those fell to the wayside. But, I still love television and wanted to share some of our favorite shows from this past year. Continue reading What We Watched In 2015

Netflix For Comics

Over on Robot 6, my buddy Sean Collins asked readers what they’d add to their queue if there was a Netflix Instant-like model for comic books instead of the current download-one-at-a-time model most of the big companies seem to have gone with after the launch of the iPad. I can’t remember the last time I actually spent money on a new comic, but I can say without much consideration or doubt that I would absolutely sign up for a service like this, specifically for DC Comics, which I can’t help but be curious about even when they’re not that great.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and how things seem to be moving backwards as far as digital comics go. In the middle of the previous decade, Marvel made a deal with a company called GIT to sell DVDs jam packed with decades’ worth of comics. Then, a few years ago, Marvel started up their Digital Comics Unlimited which offers a lot of Marvel’s books past and present for only $59.88 a year. That’s not a bad deal. I haven’t had access to the service for a while, but when it first launched the selections were pretty scattershot. I’m sure it’s gotten a lot better since then. And now, we’ve got the app-based system of buying a digital comics one at a time or in trade format.

From my perspective, I’d love to sign up for some kind of subscription fee. I don’t need to keep the issues and have them cluttering up my iPad or computer (reading comics as PDFs is just fine by me), so having somewhat limited access to them is cool in my book. If I really like the book, I’ll probably pick up the trade (I don’t think I’ll ever got all the way paperless, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world won’t). Personally, as someone who still likes comics, but doesn’t feel the need to collect them anymore (at least new ones), I’d prefer the subscription model.

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If You Could Make Your Own Network On Netflix?

I freaking love Netflix. Sure the whole “sending movies to my house so I don’t have to leave my couch, except to get the mail” thing is great, but the ability to watch hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows thanks to the click of the mouse, tap of a touch screen or flick of a joystick is possibly one of the greatest inventions of all time. And I’ve got an idea that I think would make it even better: the ability to make your own line-up that other people can subscribe to like a playlist.

The idea originally sprung from my desire to watch several older TV shows on instant like Cagney And Lacey, Kujo, Sliders, Greatest American Hero and others, but not wanting to necessarily go through an entire series in one sitting. I also didn’t want to jump from show to show because that can be a pain in the ass unless you’ve got your queue set up really well (well, a relative pain in the ass considering how convenient all of Netflix is). That got me thinking that it would be pretty cool if Netflix allowed you to create a playlist that you could drag and drop TV episodes and even movies into and then you’d be all set, basically creating your very own television network. Kick off with a series of series finales and go on from there, dropping shows you don’t want to see anymore and adding new ones once seasons run out. Even toss in some episodes of shows you already like and it’ll be a lot of fun. Or, create your own movie marathon.

One of the features of the playlist  option would be the ability to just hit play on the playlist itself which would continue until you either pause or you watch everything on the list. The network aspect would come into play as your Netflix/Xbox/PS3/Wii/whatever friends could see your network and subscribe to it, either watching it at the same time as you in the party function or at your own pace. I’ve avoided the social network aspect of Netflix because, frankly, I don’t care what other people are watching on a movie by movie basis or what they think I might want to watch, but maybe they’ve got a few good ideas for what shows to watch and when or what order the damn Puppet Master movies are supposed to be played in. Plus, let’s face it, it would be a lot easier for someone else to do the work for me.

So, there you go internet. Feel free to pass my idea along to Netflix. If they like it (and why wouldn’t they?) I will accept a free account for life, all Doctor Who series to be available on Instant and a tour of their headquarters.