Prime Time: Concrete Cowboys (1979)

I decided to watch Concrete Cowboys on Amazon Video for one reason: vintage Tom Selleck. I was delighted to see that he’s but one of many favorite actors in this movie. First off, you’ve got Morgan Fairchild pulling double duty as sisters, one looking for the other. And you’ll probably recognize co-star Jerry Reed as Cledus from the Smoky And The Bandit flicks. They proved stellar enough to make my decision a good one, plus the rest of the movie’s pretty good too! Continue reading Prime Time: Concrete Cowboys (1979)

Tale Of The Tape: Road House vs. Road House 2: Last Call

Road House (1989) is one of my favorite movies of all time. So, when I heard about the sequel called Road House 2: Last Call (2006) starring Dalton’s son, I was skeptical. I finally added it to the top of my queue recently, gave it a watch and figured I would do a little comparison between the two in the classic Tale Of The Tape format comparing various elements of the movies against each other. Spoiler Warning: the original wins, but the sequel does gain the edge in a few categories. Also, please excuse the weird sizes, for some reason my computer wouldn’t read the widescreen side of my Road House DVD. Hit the jump for the full deal.  Continue reading Tale Of The Tape: Road House vs. Road House 2: Last Call