Prime Time: Concrete Cowboys (1979)

I decided to watch Concrete Cowboys on Amazon Video for one reason: vintage Tom Selleck. I was delighted to see that he’s but one of many favorite actors in this movie. First off, you’ve got Morgan Fairchild pulling double duty as sisters, one looking for the other. And you’ll probably recognize co-star Jerry Reed as Cledus from the Smoky And The Bandit flicks. They proved stellar enough to make my decision a good one, plus the rest of the movie’s pretty good too!

Concrete Cowboys is about a pair of pals — J.D. (Reed) and Will (Selleck) — who wind up in Nashville as accidental detectives trying to help Fairchild find her sister and getting into all kinds of trouble along the way.

Selleck is so damn charming as the intelligent, but somewhat naive Will tagging along with his smooth-talking, somewhat shady, but always charismatic pal J.D. (Jerry Reed). Sure, this is basic (read: low quality) port of a TV movie, but it’s a fun romp worth a watch. In fact, it makes me want to check out the TV series it spawned a few years later starring Reed, but with someone else playing Will.

This one’s also called Rambling Man and is also on Prime, though it sounds like a slightly different version. Either way, if you’re looking for a fun time with a couple of good old boys surrounded by country music legends like Barbara Mandrell, give this one a watch.

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