Christmas Stories: Target’s Electronic Santa Commercial

I’ve seen this Christmas Target commercial a bunch of times today and kind of love it. From the Electronic Santa to the kids dressed like gold-plated versions of Run DMC, it’s full of fun stuff. Oh, I dig the nutcrackers too, especially the one with the eye patch.

Apparently it’s part of a whole Holiday album that Target is offering for free download here. There’s 14 tracks total including “Electronic Santa” by Blazer Force along with tracks by Guster and Blackalicious. I haven’t heard of many of the other bands, but I’m always down for some new Christmas music to add to our Christmas-centric iPod (it’s the missus’ older one and it’s even green!). I’m downloading now and will report back after I give it a few listens.

Geek Briefs: Megatron & Spider-Man

I spotted these briefs at Target last week in the men’s section. There were also Superman and Batman pairs, but there was a Target employee folding clothes nearby and she turned around, so I tried to make it look like I was innocently looking at my phone. I’ve got a few pairs of geeky boxers, but for some reason these just seem weirder to me, maybe because it means that character is tightly pressed against your junk. I don’t want Megatron there you guys. Doesn’t seem safe.

They really send a message to the ladies don’t they? Too bad that message is probably “None shall pass!”