Toy Commercial Tuesday: The A-Team

I wish I could tell you that I was a longtime A-Team fan as a kid. The show was on from 1983-1987 which makes it concurrent with my first through fifth years of life, which means, honestly, I don’t remember a damn bit of it. However, I was a Knight Rider fan and that show went from 1982-1986. Blame it on syndication I guess, Knight Rider was all around while The A-Team was no where to be seen by a Toledo kid combing cable for reruns. Anyway, I’ve always loved Mr. T, seen a few episodes over the years and greatly anticipate the coming film, so of course, I love these figures. They really love saying Mr. T’s A-Team character B.A. Bracus don’t they? Anyone have these bad boys growing up or now? I always loved seeing this Mr. T figure pop up in various ToyFare TTT’s or pages over the years.

We Want Action: The Losers, The A-Team & The Expendables

As I’ve mentioned here, here and here, I’m crazy excited for The Expendables, but it doesn’t come out until August 13th! Luckily, Hollywood seems pretty set on giving me cool looking, ensemble action movies to work my way up to Expendables. The Losers, which is based on a re-imagining of my newly beloved Jack Kirby book stars some pretty rad folks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Avatar’s Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Columbus Short and plenty of others debuts on April 23rd.

While The Losers is about a crack military team who gets betrayed by their government and seeks revenge, The A-Team is about, well, the exact some thing, but stars different people and comes from different source material. This TV show revamp can boast a cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel and Rampage Jackson. This one comes out on June 11th.

And because I can’t resist myself, here’s another Expendables trailer!

It’s good to see there will be something every two months to break the monotony. Well, that and Iron Man 2 which hits on May 7th.