Toy Commercial Tuesday: The A-Team

I wish I could tell you that I was a longtime A-Team fan as a kid. The show was on from 1983-1987 which makes it concurrent with my first through fifth years of life, which means, honestly, I don’t remember a damn bit of it. However, I was a Knight Rider fan and that show went from 1982-1986. Blame it on syndication I guess, Knight Rider was all around while The A-Team was no where to be seen by a Toledo kid combing cable for reruns. Anyway, I’ve always loved Mr. T, seen a few episodes over the years and greatly anticipate the coming film, so of course, I love these figures. They really love saying Mr. T’s A-Team character B.A. Bracus don’t they? Anyone have these bad boys growing up or now? I always loved seeing this Mr. T figure pop up in various ToyFare TTT’s or pages over the years.

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