Halloween Scene: Trackman (2007)

4:35:01 am

Trackman’s not a great movie. Really it’s not even that good. It’s a Russian flick about some bank robbers who take their hostages underground and start running amok of (if the legend is true) a guy who is related to the Chernobyl incident somehow. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really paying much attention to this movie as I was finishing up the coloring work on the Dr. Fate sketch below (you don’t need a link, just scroll down a bit) and then posting the blog. It’s your run of the mill slasher flick, but this time with a really cool looking killer who has a thing about removing eyes with a machine he seems to have built for that express purpose and the gore looks great. Aside from that there’s not a lot going on even though I usually love the “normal people doing their thing until their lives are interrupted by/they stumble into something insane. In this case it’s a hostage situation gets interrupted by a crazy slasher.

There is a great scene where one of the guys actually gets to fight back for a pretty extensive amount of time (a minute or two, maybe). Usually there’s that one or two punches before the bad guy just axes you or whatever. This time he got hit with a blowtorch which is even worse.

A problem I had with this movie which actually doesn’t reflect back on the filmmakers is the dubbing. Oh man, I swear I’ve actually heard one of these guys in a Hong Kong action movie. The double edge sword here is that I usually fall asleep when watching a movie with subtitles (cause I’m lazy), so I’ll often put the dub version on. In this case it’s the default setting, but man is it distracting. I could barely finish coloring! But it’s not just him, there’s even a dude who they gave a kind of urban voice too which doesn’t seem to fit. Why can’t they ever get convincing actors to do this stuff? I think it would have jumped up a bit in my opinion of the voice over work was a little bit more subtle or just emoted more. Ah well.

That brings my current Ghost House Underground ranks as thus:


Dance of the Dead


Dark Floors




Brotherhood of Blood

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