What I’m Thankful For: Halloween

2:47:59 am

As I’m sure you could tell from my near daily Halloween Scene posts throughout the month of October, I’m a big fan of Halloween. Unfortunately I’ve had some weird Halloweens over the past few years. My senior year of college I got pretty sick with bronchitis and pneumonia, so that sucked. Then my first year at Wizard (I started on October 17th), I was too new to get invited to one of the guys’ Halloween party (I also was too much of a wuss to ask if I could come, so no big deal, I just watched horror movies in my hovel of a room). The year after that, my first Halloween married we went out to the bar. Em went as the killer rabbit from Monty Python while I went as Charlie from Lost. Neither of us were very creative with our costumes. Then last year I got sick again, just a cold this time, but it was still annoying.

So, this year, I was psyched for Halloween and refused to get sick. It helped that I was sick about two weeks before (yeah!). And boy was it a fun one! I was even able to make it last for a full week as we had a party to go to on the 25th. Thanks to Em’s smartness I went to the first party as a black and white zombie from Night of the Living Dead.

I wasn’t able to find a black suit based on the first zombie we see in the beginning of the movie, but I was able to get a gray one and then Em did my makeup. Ah, it reminded me of my days doing musicals in high school.

It also reminded me of a horror movie because, while we were getting ready the freaking power went out and Em had to do both of our makeup(s?) by candle and flashlight. I was pretty sure a slasher was going to break in at any moment OR a real zombie outbreak would happen. Oh, it was also a dark and somewhat stormy night. Crazy! We then went to a party where we drank, which as you all know is just asking for trouble (especially for Miley Cyrus cut outs).

Oh and at the party we also played a super fun board game called Pimps and Ho’s. I’d throw in a link for you to check out their site, but it might seem a bit lewd, just put the name in the browser without punctuation or spaces and check out the fun.

So, that party was great great fun, but it wasn’t the end of the Halloween festivities. In addition to the plenty of horror movies I watched, we also dressed up at Wizard and there was a costume contest. I took second place and won $10. Woo hoo, thanks Summer for setting it up! (I’m the one in the monkey suit by the way).

We also carved pumpkins and I took the old school Nintendo approach and did Boo from the Mario games. It didn’t involve much actual carving, but I did have to shave all the orange off. I think it turned out pretty good and the trick or treaters seemed to like it, even the punk kid who said “More” twice after I had already given him two pieces of candy. Little jerk.

But even THAT wasn’t it. Halloween night we went to a party of one of Em’s coworkers’ house. We didn’t want to do the makeup thing again and I didn’t want to wear the monkey suit (it’s freaking HOT inside that thing), so we stole Rickey and James’ idea from a few years ago (the rabbit/Charlie year) and wore big boys footy pajamas. Man that was fun.

I also played beer pong for the second time and for two games, my partner and I were champions of the world (which I told everyone at the party, most of whom were strangers to me up until that point). There’s nothing funnier than thinking about myself, drunk and dressed like a little kid playing beer pong. There was also a baby at the party which was weird. I tried not to swear too much around her, but I did. Sorry Abby.

So yeah, that was this year’s Halloween. I’m gonna try and get my streak of not being sick on Halloween back up again and keep enjoying the creepiest night of the year.

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