Wired Is Awesome

Thanks to the good folks at /Film I heard that Lost co-creator and producer/director extraordinaire J.J. Abrams (a fellow initialate) is the acting guest editor of this month’s issue of Wired. So, being a huge geek, of course I picked it up.

I was slightly familiar with Wired thanks to my time living with Rickey Purdin. He’s one of the biggest purchasers of magazines I know. As a producer of magazines, I’m thankful for his ilk, even though I give him copies of ToyFare for free. Anyway, he always had a good stock of Wireds in the bathroom and I would…partake when the opportunity presented itself.

Anyway, I’m only through the initial news bits in the beginning of the mag and haven’t gotten to the features yet (that’s magazine lingo for articles), but this is a great magazine. It’s a great mix of science and entertainment. Plus, a friend and colleague from the good old days at Ohio Wesleyan Jen Trolio has a bit in there called “Life’s Secret Codes” on page 20. I completely freaked out when I saw her name in the byline and then got really jealous, but mostly it’s cool to see someone else from my incredibly boring Journalism 110 (and also a fellow first semester freshman in a class full of upperclassmen) doing something in the magazine world.

Employment of friends aside, I’m also really impressed with the clean design sense of the magazine. It never feels cluttered even when there are a ton of elements on the page. I was also impressed with how easy to understand even the more complicated articles and sidebars. Plus, I haven’t come across any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors, which does the tiny editor part of my heart good.

But hey, if you’re even remotely interested in science or like Star Trek and Lost, you should probably grab this issue and dive in. I think I’m going to get a subscription. It’s about time I start doing my part for the industry that I make my living off of.

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