Further Man Cave Developments

Seeing as how my Man Cave post was one of the most popular ones I’ve ever done (and got the most comments with a whopping 7, though half were me), I figured it was a top worth revisiting. And by revisit, I mean I spent way too much time sketching out my theoretical space and then created a document in Photoshop to map it out. Check out the design after the jump.

For the most part, I think this bad boy is pretty self explanatory. I’ll start in the top left corner and move around from there. That box marked “TMNT” represents the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. I would also accept the X-Men arcade game and/or The Simpsons one. I spent many hours standing around these three games in the Red Baron arcade which was located inside the Franklin Park Mall. The two story arcade is gone now, but man I’d like to get those games back in my life.

Moving to the right, you’ve got your basic entertainment center which will have to have at least two TVs, every video game system I own (NES, Sega Genesis, PS2 and Xbox 360) and a stereo (iPod plug in and record player, of course). Why two TVs you ask, especially considering there’s a TV on every wall? Well, because I like to watch TV while playing video games whenever possible. You’ve also got your couch and tables for holding video game controllers, magazines, comics, trades and, most importantly, beer. Plus a mini fridge right there for easiest access.

In the top right corner we have what I’ve dubbed the Jam Zone. The square on the ground is a rug for the drum set. You can see the two amps (guitar and bass) and I’d have my guitars and basses on stands (maybe one like this). I’d probably have a laptop if possible or maybe just a four track recorder to make sure I don’t lose any of my awesome jams. Oh, and the amps are pointing inwards because that’s the best set up for playing with folks (I’ve thought about this way too much).

Below that we’ve got four shelves for comics, trades and my geekier books. I’d probably also keep my DVDs, CDs and records here along with anything else I’d want around. I’m thinking they’d be like library shelves, with books on both sides and little aisles. Pretty ambitious, but I think it’d work.

The circle table is basically there to take up some space. I’d say we could play poker there, but, as of now, no one I hang out with really plays poker. It’d probably be a card table so I could lean it up against the wall when not in use.

And then we have my favorite part, the bar. Ever since I started drinking in college, I’ve always wanted my own bar, especially a cool curved one like that. My Photoshop kung-fu is very week so this is the best I could create on here, but my drawing features a bar with much more of a curve to it. I’d keep it as well-stocked as I can with hooch and hopefully have a beer or two on tap. And of course, you can’t have a bar without darts. I’m sure some injuries will result from this, but, hey, no one said the Man Cave would be safe.

You’ve also got to imagine that the wall surfaces will probably be covered with posters of varying degrees of nerdiness like some of my original comic art, sketches, posters and maybe even a few of of the collages I’ve made (or will make in the many, many years it will take me to achieve such a rad pad). I might also put some shelves in here and there for displaying my way-too-big action figure collection in various ways (all those Toy Biz Marvel figures need to breath at some point).

I’m hoping that you guys will hit me back with your designs on your own blogs or photo pages. What do you think of my designs? Did I forget anything? I really want to hear how you guys (especially those of you who read but haven’t commented yet) would rock your man cave. Let me know!

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