Season Finales: Lost

I’m sure most of you Lost fans have checked out the episode by now along with plenty of blogs, like Sean’s, and websites like Lostpedia but, if you’re like me, you’re still not sick of talking about it.

I loved the season finale, even though it killed my theory (I hope) and I’m not really sure how I feel about Jack and Juliet using their relationships as a reason to blow up the island. But I think what the creators were trying to show is how far gone Jack is. Or maybe not, we shall see.

I also liked the Jack/Sawyer fight, hopefully they got it out of their system, though it got dirtier than I expected.

Also, how cool was is that Ben got played? I’m operating under the assumption that Fake Locke is either the smoke monster (and thus the guy in the black shirt from the beginning) or in league with him. So, what you had was the smoke monster as Ghost Alex telling Ben to listen to Ghost Locke (possibly the same person/thing). On top of that Ben reveals he’s not as with-it as he seemed when it comes to the island. Of course, all this raises even more questions, like what was the deal when Locke and Ben were in the cabin and what kind of relationship did Ben have with the smoke monster before this? And a bunch more of course.

Hopefully you checked out Sean’s blog that I linked to above. It’s a great read, but one thing I do have to disagree with him on is that I will never get sick of that “car out of nowhere” scene, even when it’s super obvious (like it was last night). It was almost as good as seeing Locke falling from the building behind Jacob (which I called as soon as we saw Jacob sitting thing, though I have no idea why). Speaking of calling it, I gotta give huge props to Em for realizing that Locke was in the box.

Finally, the black text on white background was awesome and obviously deliberate. I wonder if it means things will get flipped. The two big schools of thought I’ve encountered are that 1) the people in the past succeeded in changing things and will be starting over in the first season (or another earlier time period) or 2) the pasties (heh, just came up with that) will be reunited with the current folks and we’ll see a fight for the “soul” of the island. I’m hoping for the latter, because I think it’ll offer up more answers than the former.

Damn, January seems really far away. I’m thinking of rewatching the previous seasons this summer to see how the story flows as one big piece to get ready for the final season.

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