Wipeout Is Awesome!

Guys, if you’re not watching ABC’s Wipeout at 8:00PM on Wednesday’s you’re crazy. Or commies. Either way, you should stop being that and start watching this.

So, Wipeout is a lot like Most Extreme Challenge, but with Americans. You’ve got people going through increasingly difficult and ridiculous challenges for $50,000. Now, I guess that might sound like not a lot of money compared to some other gameshows, but, dudes, I’d do that for FREE. It’s like the Eliminator from American Gladiators, but several times in one episode. It’s awesome.

If you watched last year and couldn’t get into it, give it another shot, because they’ve gotten a lot more creative with the challengers. In fact, last week’s episode and the one that just ended had very little in common. It’s amazing. Watch the clip then watch the show:

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