Boogie Down With Barry Ween!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been working on my drawing lately. Here’s a few things I worked on the past couple of days.

I’ve been splitting my time between looking at other people’s art and trying to recreate it, like I did here with an image of Barry Ween that Judd Winick drew. It’s from my recently acquired copy of The Big Book of Barry Ween, which has been fantastic so far (I’m about halfway through). I’m learning a lot from how he can fit so much detail in a tiny panel. It’s crazy trying to figure out not only the composition of the setting, but also the texture of things, how light interacts and on and on, not to mention drawing consistent, recognizable characters.

Anyway, here’s Judd’s far superior original:

And my version:

And now here’s me trying to do my own thing. I don’t even have names for these characters. I’ve been drawing the dude for a couple days now, but this is the first time I drew a woman that doesn’t look terrible.

I started out with the guy in his funny pose, then everything else just came to me in little bits. I figured it’d be funny if he was keeping the party alive by spinning the disco ball on his finger (though I lost his pointed forefinger when going over in pen). I’m also fond of the DJ dude, it took a lot of tries to get him in that iconic DJ pose. To make it actually look like other people were at the party, I had a person trying to talk on their cell phone right next to the DJ’s speakers, but couldn’t get the size right and ditched him in. The floor was also fun to figure out as I busted out my hologram dinosaur ruler from kindergarten to get the lines right.

What do you think I should name the characters?

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