Who’s The Boss: The Tall Ood Man

I’ve been wanting to draw more lately. I know I’m not very good at it, but I like to exercise a few other creative muscles, especially if I’ve done some writing and blogging that day. While finishing up the second half of the sixth season of Doctor Who with the missus a few weeks back I came up with the idea to draw Doctor Who aliens. Last night, I decided to put pencil to paper and wound up landing on the Ood as my first project. But, while looking at pictures like the one above, I realized that the Ood look an awful lot like…The Tall Man from the Phantasm flicks! They’ve got similar head shapes and an affinity for circular accessories. I thought about photoshopping the two together somehow (like I did with Who’s The Boss and Doctor Who) and probably should have because drawing that giant hand in the foreground was ROUGH. I actually might still give it a shot. Anyway, here’s the quick piece I came up with:I didn’t quite capture the face tentacles and the hand is pretty bad, but I had fun with it. I highly encourage others to join me in this mash-up. I guarantee someone can top me and would love to see it!

Covering Vinyl: Johnny Cash At San Quentin

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Covering Vinyl pieces, but I found myself compelled to draw a Johnny Cash cover today for a reason and settled on Johnny Cash At San Quentin because it’s iconic and fairly simple visually. Pretty excellent, right? I sketched it out first and thought about just leaving it in pencil or maybe even using water colors, but I decided to go with the oil crayons like I did when I drew Dark Side Of The Moon. My intent was to capture the blues and blacks of the image. I wish I had been able to get that white halo at the back of his head, but I got a little carried away with smudging the oil crayons together. Anyway, here’s my version. The pic came out a little orangier than the actual finished product, but this is pretty much how it looks. Lots of smudges. I should have done a better job of it, but I wound up getting all my fingers dirty so it became increasingly difficult. It’s nowhere near perfect, but I’m still pretty happy with it.I really wish I could have matched the colors better because I think that’s what really makes the cover interesting. Man, I love how the bass intrudes on the shot. That is all.

Casting Internets

I intended to do one of these yesterday, but it got beyond me, so, first off, a belated Happy Birthday to Neil Gaiman. I can’t believe he’s 50. The other day’s Drawbridge topic was Conan O’Brien. My favorite has been Bill Alger‘s, but they’re all pretty great.

Speaking of Conan, did anyone see Soundgarden’s performance on his Tuesday episode? First thought? Kim looks old, the bass player looks like a dad. Second though: I didn’t recognize the song, but it seemed like a strange choice. Overly sparse. Cornell can still wail though.

These guys are total goobers, but I hope my kid digs good music. (via I Heart Chaos)

Rest in peace Dino De Laurentiis, few people in this world provided me with more entertainment than you, sir! (via /Film)Every Guyed’s Ensemble: The Style of Music graphic is pretty epic. Not sure why Kanye’s suit looks like he stole it from Pee Wee Herman, but what do I know? (via Ffffound)

I don’t care about Spider-Man movies. Well, I didn’t until /Film told me that Zooey Deschanel might play Betty Brant. Her plus Emma Stone? Interest semi-renewed.

I would absolutely vote for Jay-Z as president, governor, senator, comptroller, whatever.

Tom and Lorenzo’s post about this week’s episode of Glee was really interesting to me, especially as it pointed out how one-sided teen mellowdrama can be towards the standard heterosexual standard. It’s a bummer.

I’m psyched to watch The Initiation of Sarah for this month’s Final Girl Film Club, I just have to remember!

Casting Internets

Let’s get the last few horror and Halloween links out of the way. This mask of “Late Night Talk Show Host” is way creepy, but I’m glad Conan Tweeted about it. I dug Snooki’s Halloween costume, being a fan of pickles myself. By the way, I got honestly 10,000 hits this weekend just for people trying to find Jersey Shore Halloween costumes. (via Tom & Lorenzo)

I know it’s being reported everywhere including /Film, but I have a hard time believing James Cameron is really working on a Darkchylde movie. Was Purgatori unavailable?Tim Burton fans should definitely check out Jim Hill‘s look at the writer/director/artist’s proposed but canceled Disney Channel movie Trick Or Treat about a young girl meeting a house full of monsters who want to learn how to be like all the people in the suburban neighborhood they all live in. (via Tom Spurgeon)Kevin Smith blogged about finishing Red State, showing it to the cast and crew at the wrap party and even revealed a teaser poster that’s pretty creepy. Good stuff. The last bit of Halloween/horror news: NECA‘s new motorized Gizmo figures from Gremlins. Pick them up over on NECA’s Amazon store. I love NECA, they make some of the raddest figures around, including an entry in my top five figures of all time: the ultra-poseable, accessory-filled comic-based Ninja Turtles figures.

I got a kick out of Mark Mikin’s interview with a Washington D.C. bartender over on Esquire’s Eat Like A Man Blog, especially this quote: “Politicians drink more when they’ve won than when they’ve lost.Like my buddy Sean (go check out his new blog setup) I’m excited for the new Steel one-shot with these cool, iconic covers. CBR has a nice little interview with writer Steve Lyons. “Reign of the Superman” got me into comics, so I’ve got a love for Steel. I read a few issues of his 90s series, but had to drop for financial reasons. I loved his appearances in JLA and 52, but I’m not sure what happened to him after Atlas beat the crap out of him last/earlier this year in the Superman books. Wynn Ryder drew something from Expendables. I will always post/link to anything related to the greatest action movie ever. Ffffound showed me this Wampa/Empire Strikes Back art which was originally posted on ScriptShadow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, but it’s awesome. And, finally, if you want to read a bunch of quotes about Yoda, head over to StarWars.com and read their latest Empire Chronicles. Fun stuff.

Oh, real quick does anyone know a good music site with a mix of news and legit criticism that’s worth reading? I need to start getting more music news in my life. Thanks!

Casting Internets

I had a busy day today, so I’ve got a lot more links waiting to read than I’m writing about here. These are mostly fun images and quick bits I read today. Enjoy!

We’re kicking off, as you might expect, with some Halloween links. Wired has their list of the 25 best horror movies. It’s pretty standard stuff. There’s a few I don’t like, but that’s common with lists. I’m a lot more interested in reading Stacie Ponder’s list of horror movies she “hearts.” Like she says in her intro, we all pretty much know what the best horror flicks of all time, but we’ve got other ones that we just love even if they’re not technically as good as the others.

I subscribe to a few Twitter feeds through Google Reader and saw two interesting notes on Kevin Smith’s. First up, Red State‘s almost done. Second, you can submit speed metal and country songs that might make it into the movie. Pretty cool. Dan Hipp‘s drawing of Hellboy as Mario and Abe Sapien as Iron Man is awesome. If I was smarter, I would have tried to buy it earlier.

I should be better about linking to my stuff, but if you’re looking for a Halloween-themed list to read, check out my list of camps not to send your kids to over at Topless Robot. If you’re STILL looking for some lists, head over to the slutty Halloween costume list I did for Gamma Squad and my list of awesomely bad horror movie songs, both of which I wrote last year. That’ll be the end of the self promoting section of the evening.

My buddy Sean discovered that Grant Morrison invented LOLCats in We3. Take that internet!

There’s a lot of good, new Sheldon from Big Bang Theory shirts at 80s Tees. This one’s my favorite. I saw this via Ffffound and now I need to go through and look through all the posts on Animated Albums. I love Nirvana and I love In Utero, so this is right up my alley. Finally, Han Solo in Carbonite done in Lego is awesome. How does Great White Snark find this stuff?!

I’m Sure SDCC Is Rad, But So’s The Met

Okay, so New York’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art probably isn’t as cool as SDCC, but it had a few things going for it. One, no weirdos in costumes. Two, it didn’t have that familiar con smell to it. And three, I got to see some cool art, which included sketches by one of the most famous artists of all time, some pop culture relics and a giant hall filled with armor, so it wasn’t TOO far off. The above picture is of the American Wing of the museum, which was featured on Project Runway last season (I don’t remember it, but the missus does, which lead me to searching for this pic). We kicked things off with a tour through the incredibly boring American Wing which mostly had furniture. Holy shit, you guys, looking at old chairs is boring. Anyway, I eventually ducked into the musical instrument section where I saw some crazy old instruments, heard some incredibly pretentious teenagers discuss the intricacies of outdated instruments and got to see two pieces of musical history. I love jazz. When I started getting into it, I thought big band guys like Benny Goodman were squares, but as I delved in I found that he was a sick musician whose orchestra could swing like no other. His Live At Carnegie Hall two disc set is absolutely worth checking out for anyone interested in the man or swing or jazz. Anyway, I was pretty excited to see Goodman’s clarinet on display. According to the sign next to it, it’s the one he has in the picture which was taken just a few days before he died. The other piece of popular music history on display was Ringo Starr’s Golden Drum which was a gift given to him by the Ludwig drum company in 1964. It’s not super interesting, it’s not like the 70 year old Beatle actually played the thing, but hey, I still haven’t been to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame yet, so I’ll take what I can get. Here’s another pic. We didn’t actually go down and walk through the Hall Of Armor (I have no idea if that’s what it’s called, it just makes sense because, you know, it’s filled with armor) but I snapped this pic from above mostly because the armors look awesome and it reminded me of how Jim Lee drew the Batcave in All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder. I want to see a movie set just in this wing where these bad boys come to life and kick the hell out of each other. There was also a pretty big showcase of Picasso artwork that was kind of whatever. I guess I’m not really into the man’s art or at least I don’t want to look at it with tons of other slow and smelly (hey, I guess it is like a con) people in small rooms. There was an interesting display at the very end of the circuit with drawings Picasso did. The man sure loved to draw naked women. My favorite piece that I saw was this one, I can’t remember the exact name of it though, but it’s something like “A Former Patron and His Ingenue Visit An Old Artist.”I got a kick out of this one because my reading of it is that Picasso’s poking fun at himself, showing himself drawing these huge naked people while his stuffy old patron shows up and is most likely embarrassed and confused by what had come over the artist. Hey, I just found a link on the Met’s site, the piece is called “Patron and his Retinue Visiting the Studio of an Old Painter,” check out more info here. The last picture I snapped, I wasn’t supposed to. It’s a cartoon for The New Yorker by artist Barney Tobey (you can read his 1989 obit here to learn more about the man). I’m not sure if you can read the caption, but one well-dressed woman is saying “Keeping it dusted must drive them crazy!” to another well-dressed woman. It’s kind of meta, but it was fun.

We also checked out the American Woman fashion installment, which was kind of cool, though, again, not really my thing along with a collection of photographs by Leon Levinstein which I loved. He basically walked around New York in the 60s and 70s and snapped pictures. They’re amazing. Nowadays we have reality television to give us a look into peoples’ lives, but back then, all there was was guys like Levinstein snapping pictures on the streets. I loved it. It helps that I’m fascinated by New York’s long history, but he had a great eye for snapping pics that really capture people in their natural element. Absolutely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Covering Vinyl: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

I thought about painting this week’s Covering Vinyl selection, which, for whatever reason, sent my brain straight to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon (not my favorite Floyd record, but still an amazing piece of art in all forms). I didn’t feel like getting my painting gear all out, so instead, I went with those oil crayon things that came in my art kit. I didn’t do a lot of prep for this, just busted out the crayons, drew a quick sketch from memory (hence why I forgot the offshoot of light going to the top) and then went to town, not worrying about the usual square constraints I usually do. Here’s how it turned out.After laying down the oil crayons I think just went over everything with my fingers to give it that blurry smudged look. It’s obviously not as solid as the original as far as the colors go, but I really like how it came out. And it didn’t take a lot of time, which is great!Let’s call it impressionist or some junk. Anyone want to join in on the Covering Vinyl fun? Drop me a comment. I’m sure I can come up with a subject earlier than Thursday and we can trade links  or I can post it here on UM!

Covering Vinyl: The Clash’s Give ‘Em Enough Rope

I missed last week because I tried drawing that rad Boston cover with the spaceship (the first one) and it turned into a complete, embarrassing mess. And you’ve seen the low quality of some of my art, so you can imagine how poorly it turned out. This is the first installment of Covering Vinyl where I drew a record I don’t actually own (either on vinyl or disc). The idea to do a Clash record just came to me and I went with Give ‘Em Enough Rope because it wasn’t a picture of actual people. The two elements I had the most trouble with–aside from the marker coloring that didn’t turn out great–were the letters which I penciled and then went over with a Sharpie and all the blacks on the two men and birds which look like bad copies of newspaper photos. I ended up coloring the everything except for the guys and the horse. I like how it turned out. Wish I could have figured out how to get the figures the right colors, but I think it would have just looked worse in the long run. The borders got a little cut off in the scanning process and this was the fourth or so try so I just went with what mostly worked. Here’s the two next to each other. Fun stuff. I’m really happy with how the letters came off, though I should have done some guide lines to makes sure everything as straight, but that’s something I’ll work on for next time!

Covering Vinyl: Queen’s A Kind Of Magic

Oof, this one didn’t turn out so well. When I came up with this idea last week, Queen’s cover of A Kind Of Magic actually popped into my head as a follow up because I’ve never drawn anything this cartoony. I know the record came out in 1986, but it really reminds me of the Genie from Aladdin.It’s a pretty fun cover, no? I started off with pencils and then decided to color with markers right from there, which is where my problems began. Well, as you can see, my first problem was getting all four band members on the same page and in the right scale. Clearly I failed and had to squeeze the dude on the far right into the image. Here’s the colored version without any Photoshopping. I tried to figure out a way to get the black and splashes of color in with Photoshop, but it didn’t work right away, so I just threw an effect on from the Artistic section and here’s the result. I really like the effect because it covers up some of the coloring incongruities that I can’t seem to get past when using markers. I probably should have just done the outlines in marker and then dumped color in with Photoshop. I’ll have to remember that one. Anyway, here’s the comparison. 

Optikk Colored

I posted the black and white version of Optikk here a couple days back and mentioned that I spent some time coloring it with colored pencils. When I was done, I didn’t quite like how it turned out. I conceived the fire mountain/geysers in the back while I was drawing and wish I would have thought it out a little better. Dividing the sections of flame in pen may have been alright in black and white, but I don’t think it works as well for coloring. It was fun coloring some crazy alien stuff that didn’t necessarily have to be based on natural color schemes and blending the colors for Optikk’s armor was fun. I learned some stuff from the process and will hopefully remember them next time I break out the colored pencils.