Internet Casting

This whole link-posting thing is pretty fun. Plus, it’s an easy way to get another post in, so that’s great.

First and foremost, my buddy Sean worked long and hard on a feature about the history of Marvel comics told through interviews with tons of creators that’s out in the current issue of Maxim. It looks sick and you should pick it up post-haste (though I keep seeing the previous month’s cover and haven’t been able to pick it up yet, boo).

According to /Film Pee-Wee Herman will be making a return to the stage in California, returning to his roots from the Groundlings. I was a big fan when I was a kid and, even at a young age, didn’t care about his dirty theater doings, so it’s about time.

Over at The Source (DC’s rad blog that sports all kinds of new art and info), Superman editor Matt Idelson talks about the Superman books and shows off some new art. I’ve been in love with the Superman books since the triangle numbers returned and can’t wait to see where these books head.

Colleague and friend Jim Gibbons, of Enemy of Peanuts fame got interviewed by the ufragtv guys at the Chicago con last weekend. Check out the clip:

In other podcast news, another friend and colleague Justin Aclin talks on the People You Don’t Know podcast about what it’s like working at ToyFare, his history with geekery and, of course, his awesome comic Hero House. I even get a mention! “Right hand man,” that’s me!

Saw this awesome image via /Gamer by the duelinganalogs folks and just had to repost it because you know I love Portal (apparently, so does Mario).

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