Ad It Up: 3D TV?!?!?!

Welcome to a new, weekly segment called Ad It Up which will take a look ads from comics. Some will be funny, others more of a “hey, remember that?” kind of thing, but it should be fun. I decided to start off with kind of a weird one:

This was scanned from Major Bummer #5 which has a cover date October 1997. I remember seeing this image, but never really read the copy (I rarely stop on ads, unless they’re house ads for comics). Aside from the hilarious “bad ass” text, I’ve gotta say this ad intrigues me. Did C-3D ever come out? I know they’re working on some cool 3D TVs right now, but did anyone ever pick one of these bad boys up? I need to know!

Also, I’ve got to give a shout out to Bob Mitchel in the 21st Century, a blog with all kinds of great scans that inadvertantly gave me the idea for this. He even posted a hilarious Marvel house ad with Dr. Doom wearing a Hulk sweatshirt. I had no idea he was such a fan!

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