Casting Internets (I like this title better, don’t you?)

First off, everyone give thanks, Ben Morse is okay after his surgery. He also had the foresight to ask his fiance to take pictures, check ’em out. Get well soon playah.

How can you not be excited for Batman Arkham Asylum?

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of artists drawing/painting/sculpting interpretations of pop culture figures. If I could draw or paint, this is pretty much all I would do. Check out Rivet’s “We’ll be Right Back…” show. Below are my three favorites, but they’re all rad. Huge bonus points because they’re located in Columbus, Ohio which is about 45 minutes from where I went to college (via The Autumn Society.)

Speaking of cool pop culture artists, check out Dennis J. Reinmüller‘s cover of Wolverine #104 over on Covered (my absolute favorite art blog).

Sam‘s completely right, Raquel Welch is super hot. She makes some good points about other stuff too, but man…that’s a great pic.

And finally, my buddy Jesse Thompson over at
found this 1-900 horror commercial:

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