Casting Internets

Just as I finish one of these things, something awesome comes out that I just have to share. Moments after hitting the Publish Post button, /Film
killed me with this video of Snoop Dogg trying to answer a Watchmen movie question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

My buddy Jesse tipped me off to this amazing Twitter account called shitmydadsays. I don’t generally read Twitter accounts (is that even what they call them?), but I think I’ll be coming back for more pearls of wisdom from this crotchety man in his 70s. I think he’s my new hero.

Hopefully my fellow horror fans are already familiar with Stacie Ponder’s Final Girl blog. She just posted awesome movie poster friday – the LESBIAN VAMPIRE edition!
. She found some great posters like this one, my favorite of the batch.

There wasn’t much real information, but according to a Toy News International post, Sideshow’s going to be doing statues and dioramas based on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If they’re even nearly as cool as NECA’s figures, we’re all in for treat.

In other toy-related news, Ian at The Autumn Society posted this awesome piece he did for the Cave Drawing Ink sketch contest this week. I wasn’t familiar with CDI before, but I love the idea of doing weekly sketch contests on a single pop culture theme. These week’s it’s Joe!

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