Halloween Scene: Lost Boys The Tribe (2008)

There are two things I’ve gotta say right off the bat when it comes to this straight-to-DVD, 20-years-too-late sequel to Lost Boys. First, as I’ve mentioned before, Lost Boys isn’t the kind of movie I saw as a kid and have a long-time love for. I saw it for the first time just a few years ago and appreciate it on a fun level, but I’m still not so sure it’s such a great movie. 2. I was NOT paying attention to this movie while it was playing on NetBox. I was reading or on the computer or something because, well, everyone said it was a dumb movie, so who cares?

Anyway, here are my brief thoughts that I wrote down while kindasorta watching:

*Gotta love the Tom Savini cameo in the beginning. That guy’s awesome.

*The sax guy is back!

*Listening to Feldman do his terrible Dirty Harry impression as an older dude is just kinda weird and sad.

*”Hey, a lot of good information can be learned from reading comic books” – paraphrase cause I drank too much wine.

*Haha, “Warriors, come out and plaaaay.”

*I’m pretty sure if I became a vampire, I would take up x-treme sports too.

*I’m not a fan of the Lost Boys mythology which says you’re a partial vampire, but can get rid of it or whatever after just drinking a cup of blood.

*This movie’s not so bad when you’re not a huge LB fan and not really paying much attention.

*The “we’re vampires” beach bonfire moment is kinda cool and awesomely bloody.

*I like how the vamps puke blood Red Lantern-style after getting impaled.

*Everything Feldman says is a ridiculous pun or sounds like it should be one.

*Vampire + drill = awesome. Why is his face melting? who cares it looks cool.

Well there you have it. I don’t know if I even saw the whole thing. At one point it was just over. I didn’t see the cameos by the other Frog Brother or Corey Haim, but I wasn’t about to rewind or stop what I was doing.

Did anyone else watch The Two Coreys? The episode where Feldman breaks it to Haim that there’s already been talk of a sequel, yet no one contacted Haim is freaking heartbreaking. Seriously, you can see the man’s heart break. Here’s the clip:

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