Ad It Up: Legends of the Dark Knight Action Figures

This is one of those every-other-page ads. You get the top one first on the right hand, then turn it and BLAMMO, you’ve got these crazy-detailed figures of Joker, Penguin and Man-Bat staring back at you. I was a huge fan of the Legends of the Dark Knight line from Kenner in the late 90s along with this line’s predecessor which was an Elseworlds-inspired line called Legends of Batman and featured pirate Batman and even Az-Bats. What I liked about LOTDK was that the figures were bigger and they were a lot more detailed. I have Scarecrow and Bane in my collection, which aren’t pictured in the ad, and I remember being really excited about them. That’s still my favorite Scarecrow figure of all time. I almost picked up the Joker one too. I believe he looks so buff because his suit actually explodes off of his body. These ads were scanned out of 1998’s Major Bummer #12.

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