Season Finale: Flipping Out

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been watching the hell out of some Bravo and my personal favorite show on there right now is Flipping Out. It’s about an obsessive house flipper-turned-interior designer named Jeff and the people who can stand to work with him.

This season was particularly interesting because Jeff had to deal with the crappy economy (something he handled impressively well, I have to say), but also a string of crummy contractors and some troubles with his former business partner Ryan. See, in addition to not trusting Ryan, Jeff is also close with Ryan and his boyfriend’s daughter Chloe.

I’ve seen various episodes from previous seasons (this is the third), but I think what I liked most about this season is the humanity that starts creeping through Jeff’s uber-perfectionist shell. He speaks openly about how the economy has changed his business, but also about Chloe and his regrets when it comes to his past relationship with Ryan (they used to date). It’s all very complicated and dramatic, but as I’ve discovered from being home for over a month now, you can easily catch up on any Bravo show at any time. This season’s only 10 episodes long and they’re only a half hour long, so it wouldn’t be too hard to catch up. I also have to admit, perhaps ashamedly that I share Jeff’s dark sense of humor, especially when he talks about accidentally spider bombing one of his clients (he couldn’t stop laughing about it and neither could I). Or when he calls party magicians a ring of sex offenders. I lost my shit.

Also, I have to profess my love of Jenni, Jeff’s long-suffering assistant. I don’t know how this woman has put up with him for as long as she has, but you can tell that they’re not just business associates, but friends. I also like how she’s so willing to bust a move regardless of time or place. Oh, and she looks almost exactly like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which is strange. She’s an aspiring actress and here’s an embarrassing video from her past I found on YouTube!

As it is, the season ends on a bit of cliffhanger with Jeff and Ryan’s relationship still up in the air. We have no idea how they’re interacting now, but the footage they showed in the commercial for the reunion special makes it look like things get pretty heated. We shall see!

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