Halloween Scene: Student Bodies (1981)

After watching Slaughter High and linking to it on Facebook, my buddy Harmony from Toledo (we met while working at Barry’s back in the dizzle) recommended I check out Student Bodies. Now, usually when someone suggests a cheesy-sounding horror movie from the 80s, you’re in for some campy nonsense. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Student Bodies isn’t just another slasher flick, but actually a parody in the vein of Scary Movie, but, you know funny! Zing!!!

I really really liked Student Bodies (thanks Harmony!). Not only is it funny, but it also adeptly captures the feel and tropes of the slasher genre and only a year or two after it really kicked off. Actually, as opposed to comparing it to Scary Movie, it’s like a slapsticky Scream. You get a rundown of the rules (the killer only kills people who have had or are just about to have sex). But, in addition to the characters being aware of the rules, we also get treated to on-screen clues like a body count and what not.

There’s a scene early on when this girl and her boyfriend are in her product placement-filled house while her parents are out. The boyfriend hops in the showed and the girl is killed by what looks like a walking trash bag. After he’s done, he jumps into bed with the corpse and says the amazing line “You’re not responding to my maleness.” His delivery is a bit awkward, which I’m going to guess was intentional to mock some of the crummy actors in other slasher flicks. After he gets killed, her parents come home and her mom keeps screaming at all these random things (dishes not done, food eaten, etc.) meanwhile her dad says “I hope she wasn’t murdered in our bed.” It had me rolling.

I highly recommend this movie for any horror fans, especially if you love 80s slasher movies. It nails all the beats and is over the top in a hilarious way. Good stuff. Also, there are scenes that will remind of Pulp Fiction, Home Alone, Wizard of Oz and Toxic Avenger.

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