Casting Internets

First and foremost, go over to Topless Robot and check out my list of the 12 Weirdest Horror Movie Theme Songs!!!

Now that I’m done hyping myself, here’s a couple cool things my friends are up to. Ben got a brand new Nova sketch of him standing triumphantly over Iron Man.

Also, head over to The Source to get a look at Titans/Power Girl/R.E.B.E.L.S. editor (and another former Wizardite and friend) Brian Cunningham to get a look at his office. I’ve always loved these insider looks ever since Wizard did One Of The Damned way back in the day. Check out this awesome DC calendar from 1986 he has on his wall!

Now onto people I’m not friends with. Why would you do this to your kid? (via Awkward Family Photos)

I wish I was friends with He-Man. Check out this Holy Taco guest column written be He-Man in defense of, well, He-Man.

Finally, this is amazing:

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