Casting Internets

Check out these rad interpretations of Michael Myers and Freddy from Methane Studios. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I could draw, this is the kind of stuff I would create. (via Super Punch)

There’s gonna be a new Excitebike game from WiiWare called Excitebike: World Ralley. I haven’t really gotten into the downloadable game fun and I rarely play my Wii, but the combination of this and the upcoming A Boy And His Blob might pull me right back in. (via /Gamer)

Topless Robot’s 10 Most Embarrassingly Collectible Star Wars Toys of the ’90s is both informative and sad. I was all over the Star Wars toys when they were coming out, but I don’t think I ever paid more than whatever Target was charging. I’ve still got a nice collection in a shoebox in my closet.

/Film is telling me that Steve Carr, the guy who directed Paul Blart Mall Cop, will be directing the Short Circuit remake. I’m very curious to see how this movie turns out. I loved Short Circuit as a kid and remember watching Short Circuit 2 in the theater (there was a Nightmare On Elm Street title card that popped up and made my friend hide behind the seat in front of him). Not being one of these “How dare they remake my childhood movies!!!” people, I’m excited.

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