Up, Up and Well…Up

To say the missus was excited to finally watch Up is what we refer to as an understatement. Two weeks ago she asked me to put the DVD to the top of our Netflix Queue and I did. Then she repeatedly asked me about for the next two weeks, not knowing that the movie wasn’t coming out til this week. I actually got an email sent to me on Monday saying it had been sent out so we could watch it on Tuesday, which we did.

And it was great. I know I’m not rocking anyone’s world by saying that a Pixar movie that everyone in the world loved is good, but I think it might be my favorite Pixar movie. That being said, I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again. This movie gets seriously sad you guys. The opening montage with Carl and Ellie was both beautiful and heartbreaking. Seriously, it hit me in the gut. Of course, this is a huge testament to how amazing the Pixar crew is at making these films. I can’t remember feeling this way about anyone in a movie in a long time, whether starring people real or animated. Maybe ever. You’ll want to give your lady or fella a hug

From there the movie made me laugh, feel tense and almost cry again later. Jerks. But seriously, this is a fantastic movie, but I’d probably watch Wall*E again before this because I don’t like feeling super sad, which is the same reason I don’t watch Finding Nemo on my own. Though those lobsters with the Boston accents are hilarious (“It was dahk, like WICKED dahk.”) Hehe.

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