Thanksgiving Scene: Night Of The Demons (1988)

Like last year, I intended to watch a good deal of horror movies on my inlaws’ FearNet, but without my wingman, I wasn’t able to keep myself up long enough to get through anything other than Night Of The Demons on Thanksgiving night. NOTD focuses on a bunch of kids who decide to have a Halloween party in an old mausoleum. As you would expect, there’s a demon in the house who starts inhabiting the teens. It’s not a great movie and probably one better watched with a group of people as it has plenty of hilarious lines and tons of bad acting. I will say that the directing and special effects are pretty solid though. So, maybe with a better cast, this would be a better movies. Oh well, hit the jump for the live blog.

*Pretty sure I haven’t seen this one before. Checking it out on the inlaws’ FearNet, I didn’t even know it was still around. Too bad they don’t have wireless here.

*This is ANOTHER movie with a kid hiding in his sister’s closet while she changes only to scare her. THAT’S NOT OKAY!!!

*The meathead boyfriend is pretty hilarious. As is his interaction with Judy’s brother.

*Woah, that is definitely a nice ass bending over in the convenience store while her friends steals shit. Like, TONS of shit. I think there’s also a girl showing her boyfriend exactly which kinds of pads she likes to buy. Hilarious.

*Damn, that ass’s face isn’t too hot.

*It’s fun watching a horror movie actually set on Halloween. I can think of the Halloween flicks and Trick r Treat. Maybe I just haven’t seen a lot.

*”Are you dating her for her personality? Because she has big cha-chas.” – Judy’s little brother. Are all little brothers obsessed with their sister’s boobs? Damn, this kid is annoying. I’m hoping for a graphic evisceration.

*I’m also hoping for some pretty terrible stuff to happen to the ass in the pig nose.

*This feels a lot like The Funhouse actually. I think that’s the movie with the kid hiding in his sister’s closet. You’ve also got the set-up with two couples meeting up to go somewhere. I know that’s not a lot in common, but it’s still there.

*Haha, I know it’s lame, but the car with what I assume our heroes in it pulling up to the stranded pig-man car (his name is apparently Stooge, ugh) and asking “Need a hand?” and then clapping had me chuckling.

*Wow, this is one of the worst bits of exposition explaining the crematorium they’re using “Biggest one in four counties.” What a weird bit of information to know. Are there stats? Also “I can’t believe we’re partying here.”

*”A brick wall on top of an underground stream? That’s a feat of engineering genius.” “Ghosts can’t move over running water.” They’re really mainlining you information.

*Though I like that it’s set on Halloween night, it doesn’t really feel like Halloween. Though, to be fair, the Halloween presented in ET seemed completely foreign to me too. I had no clue people trick or treated in the day. We only ever went at night.

*Wow, these guys are NOT good actors.

*Oh man, I should see if Rob wants a “best/worst parties in horror movies” list for TR. In this one, they party to a song about computer dating.

*I just noticed that, like TrT, most of the girls in this are dressed like fairy tale characters: Alice in Wonder Land, Peter Pan (?), the Wicked Witch (?) and whatever the girl in the pink is supposed to be.


*I actually kicked around the idea of having a similar party in run down building near where we went to college, but after walking through it on a highway cleanup and realizing there weren’t any floors, decided it would be a bad idea. Also, we would have been caught in a second as, like I mentioned, it was on the highway.

*Something weird happened when Stooge chased the black guy into the other room. I’m guessing bad touching.

*GAH, why does FearNet run commercials? Especially for Ninja Assassin? That hardly makes sense, but I do want to see this movie. That was a pretty long commercial.

*Now they’re doing something called a “past life seance.”

*Woah, the demon thing in the mirror was pretty creepy. Why are they angry at the chick who noticed the mirror was falling. That was the slowest mirror fall I’ve ever seen.

*Shooting the scene through the broken pieces of mirror on the floor with the cast all lined up in just the right spots was pretty rad.

*Uh oh, there’s a giant vault in the basement. I’m guessing they’ll foolishly open that and then die. Nope, the demon opened it himself.

*Oh, cool. The demon’s invisible, but they can hear something and spell something. Now it’s in pinkie.

*Stooge just called his mom his old lady, but that’s supposed to be your chick. Old man is your dad. took me a while to get that straight in my head.

*Goth girl is trying SO HARD to deliver her lines about the house being possessed and what the difference between possessed and haunted is, but it’s just not working.

*Hey kids, here’s a tip, when someone at your party in a possessed house has a sudden change in voice, it’s probably a good idea to bounce.

*Sorry Canadian Tuxedo dude, but demon possessed pink chick would rather do Stooge. It’s probably for the better. Oh wait, she seemingly possessed Goth Girl, so you should be good while the two couples go off and explore.

*Haha, now one of the kids is talking about how this place has been haunted since the early settlers were around.

*I kind of want to punch the obvious Final Girl (Judy) in the face. She’s awful.

*Uh oh, the black guy and the Goddess chick are trapped in. She thinks they’ve all died and are in hell. He’s looking for the gate. Ah, her name is Helen and now she’s disappeared.

*Aw, Jay left Judy in a room after she shot him down.

*Yeesh, Pinkie (Suzanne) looks pretty terrible all possessed and what not. Sorry Stooge, you might be getting fucked, but it’s not in the good way.

*Anyone that ever says something like “I’ve never had sex in a casket before” and doesn’t finish it with “and I never ever want to” can’t be friends with me. Sorry.

*Suzanne pushing the lipstick into her nipple is pretty crazy.

*The Suzanne demon’s voice sounds like Dr. Claw. The effect of her squeezing Don Johnson kid’s eyes out was pretty cool.

*Feels like the shit is finally hitting the fan. Pretty much everyone is either dead, a demon or knows there are demons. Cool.

*I like this concept of the demons not having a full run of the house. Since they have physical bodies, they can’t just float through walls. Though, that doesn’t really explain how the gate disappeared or how seriously locked the door is (though, really, it could just be locked from the outside).

*Judy’s mini freak out after getting attacked by the severed arm in the room with the dead versions of the people boning in the coffin is hilarious because she’s a terrible actress and so are the people popping out of the coffin and awkwardly moaning and sorta kinda grabbing after her.

*This movies seems pretty well directed and written, but the acting is just craptastic.

*Canadian Tuxedo went out like a champ man. Gah, just let Judy fall black guy and save yourself.

*Hey, Sal’s last name is Romero, creative. Since the grave popped up they seemingly can alter reality. I’m surprised his last name wasn’t Raimi with all the steady cam shots and pancake makeup ghosts. If we’re going to reference our references, lets at least be honest about it.

*Uh oh, Judy wants to open the big giant vault door that the demon phased through. This could be really good or really effing bad. Oh God, it’s the crematorium.

*Why do the demons have vampire teeth? Wait, why can’t the demons just ghost through the door and possess them?

*Haha, how come Halloween ends at dawn and not midnight? Also, this feels very much like April Fool’s Day with the whole “AFD ends at noon on April 2nd thing or whatever.

*Haha, I love how instead of warning Judy, Roger just bolts anytime bad stuff happens around them.

*Looks like everyone’s a zombie demon thing now.

*Haha, this time Roger just leaps through a window. Gotta love this guy.

*Yeesh, thy’ve got to climb up barbed wire to get up the wall.

*Roger, maybe it’s time to cut your losses and make a break for it. Aw, good for him, he came back for her even though she’s being pawed at.

*How the hell do you explain this to your friends’ parents who are now missing children?

*Also, hey, the black guy made it through a movie!

*Haha, what?! What a weird ending. We go back to the old guy who said the kids were going to hell earlier (I think it was to Judy who was actually trying to help him with something). Anyway, his wife cooks an apple pie that he had put razor blades in, then, as his throat rips open she says “Happy Halloween.” Hun wha???? It was a great effect though.

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