Live Blogging The Challenge Battle Of The Seasons Episode 4

My wife is losing interest in this season of The Challenge. I think the producers didn’t expect the cast members to band together so quickly and form such a large alliance (currently sporting four and a half teams). I also don’t think they figured said cast members would so cleverly figure out ways to game the challenges. This is the second one in a row where a pretty simple plan wound up easily putting one team in the bottom regardless of their skill level and knock off a few others along the way. There was some chance and skill to it, but not really, especially when it was so planned out.

Here’s something else about not only this season but the Challenge in general that’s a little crazy. If a guy hits a guy, he’s automatically sent home. I think it’s the same for a woman hitting a woman. However if a woman hits a guy, it’s not as big of a deal. Worse yet, a person can literally chase you around a house yelling terrible things at you and you literally can’t get away from them because most of the rooms don’t have doors. You have to rely on either your roommates to help keep that person away or, after putting up with enough torment, try and knock them out yourself. Of course, at that point, you get sent home. All of this is a roundabout way of saying that Knight is a douchebag who thinks he’s playing the game, but doesn’t understand that no one has ever won based entirely on psychological warfare, you also have to either be a beast yourself or not be saddled with the biggest joke team I’ve ever seen on one of these things.

Anyway, I’m guessing that things are going to get more interesting in the next episode or two (or at least hope they do). No matter who wins or loses the Arena that we won’t see until next week, one of the sickeningly sweet couples will be broken up, which I’m all for. I also think that the already rocky larger alliance is breaking down to a few core teams, which will at least make for some more interesting challenges. No one really thought this would last for more than a few Arenas, right? Anyway, if you want to check out the live blog, hit the jump.

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Live Blogging The Challenge Battle Of The Exes Episode 2

After seeing Wes got sent home last week, I was pretty excited to see what would go down this week and the rest of the season as this Challenge is made up mostly of rookies or people who haven’t played the game in quite a while. And, for once, my Challenge wish came true! Frank somehow got an alliance together between his season, San Diego, Vegas, Cancun and New Orleans. Not only that, his alliance actually figured out a way to game this episode’s challenge so that they all didn’t lose! I was shocked, this kind of things almost never happens. Clearly, the wheels will fall off and things will get heated when more and more teams get knocked out, but it’s fun to watch now. Anyway, hit the jump if you want to check out the live blog! Continue reading Live Blogging The Challenge Battle Of The Exes Episode 2

Live Blogging The Challenge Battle Of The Seasons Episode 1

Alright gang, I’m kicking it old school today and going with the live blogging format. It’s been a while and I’m pretty rust, so I actually forgot to put the time stamps on when things are said or when I had my reactions, but here they are! They’re mostly unedited, though I use a fun little Challenge shorthand I’ve worked out over the years that I’ve converted and taken out a few profanities to keep things PG. Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing what I thought of the first episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons episode one, read on… Continue reading Live Blogging The Challenge Battle Of The Seasons Episode 1

Live Blogging Real Housewives Of New York Season 4 Episode 2

Woof, tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives Of New York was another rough one. Alex kept sticking up for herself both when she should have and when she should have chilled out. LuAnn showed herself to be the stuck-up mean girl she really is. Ramona was Ramona. Sandy’s okay I guess, I’m still not sure yet. Jill and Kelly have been pretty non existent so far, but I don’t think that will last long. And finally, Sonja kind of sickens me with how full of herself she is. I don’t know if there’s a hero in this season or even a victim to really root for kind of like Bethenny was last season. Ah well, hit the jump to read the live blog. Continue reading Live Blogging Real Housewives Of New York Season 4 Episode 2

Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Boyfriend Compelxity”

This week’s episode of Big Bang Theory was surprisingly light on the Sheldon. While Raj and Howard hung out and looked at space thanks to Raj getting to control a telescope in Hawaii, Penny and Leonard acted like they were still dating because her father gave her a lot of trouble for breaking up with Leonard. It seems like things are moving back towards those two getting back together which I am fully in support of, but I would rather they just get together and stay together instead of this enhanced Ross and Rachel stuff. I missed the first minute or so of the episode, so we’ll just jump in where I started. 8:01pm – Sheldon’s giving the pizza guy trouble on the phone for not wanting to take the stairs. Leonard goes to get Penny while, he assumes, the pizza guy spits on their food.

“Do you think they gave Wolverine an adamantium prostate?” – Raj in their discussion of superhero butts. Of course not, the prostate isn’t a bone and the adamantium only adhered to bone. Duh.

Leonard sees Penny’s dad who’s visiting and then lands a big kiss on him before sending him away.

8:04pm – Raj and Howard are getting comics together for a telescope experiment. Sheldon says they don’t have enough for the whole project.

Raj wants to play Indian Monopoly which involves Call Centers instead of hotels, Rupies and the potential for death.

8:05pm – Leonard comes back to tell them about Penny, says “You’ll never guess what happened,” to which Sheldon responded with a very complex time travel story involving flying dolphins.

8:06pm – Howard thinks it could have been a cry for help, that the man was not her dad and holding her for ransom.

8:07pm – Howard and Raj are making fun of Leonard for once again talking about his problems with Penny.

Penny asks to talk to Leonard in the hallway. She explains that she told her dad they got back together because he’s a smart doctor without a police record.

8:08pm – Penny sounds like she dated some real losers.

Leonard wants the fake story about how they fake got back together to be a good one.

8:09pm – Leonard’s all good with the charade. Her dad is Keith Carradine!Dad asks Leonard if he wants to join them for a steak dinner which he agrees to.

Raj and Howard are playing Intergalactic Battleship.

8:10pm – Bernadette shows up. Apparently Raj can control the telescope in Hawaii. They’re just sitting there watching a screen.

8:11pm – Howard tells Raj he can just drink like Gallileo did, he assumes because he’s Italian and would presumably like wine. Howard wants Raj and Bernadette to bond.

Bernadette was trying to remember if she had washed her hands after using penicillin-resistant gonorrhea.8:12pm – Apparently, Penny’s ex Donny tried to pump poop and water into his car. Curtis wanted beer pong in the Olympics.

Wyatt, really likes Leonard. WHY DOESN’T PENNY?!

Wyatt asks Leonard to come in for a nightcap, she doesn’t want him to, so he goes back to his place.

8:13pm – “Aw frickity frack, not this again.” – Sheldon coming up the stairs to see Leonard kissing penny.

8:18pm – Raj, Howard and Bernadette are playing Indian Monopoly. He makes a Sacred Cow joke. Bernadette and Raj make fun of him for always using the same jokes.

8:19pm – Whoa, both Bernadette and Raj do really good impressions of Howard’s mother.

Penny knocks on Leonards door to tell him her dad has been talking about him non stop.

8:20pm – Sheldon wants to talk about changes to the roommate agreement because he thinks they’re back together.

Sheldon says she has plenty of annoying habits they need to talk about.

Leonard says they shouldn’t involve Sheldon in the lie making Sheldon get paranoid that there’s a plot afoot.

If Penny’s to start spending the night again Leonard will need to start an Escrow account.

8:21pm – Raj is drunk and prank calling Hawaii to point the telescope at Scarlet Johansson’s house.

If Raj discover’s something big all he will have to comfort him will be his monkey butler.

8:22pm – Raj apparently lied about hooking up at Comic Con. He hasn’t kissed a girl in a year and is feeling super lonely.

Raj misreads Bernadette who’s just trying to be nice. He goes in for a kiss, but Howard jumps between them and smashes into Raj’s face.

8:23pm – Wyatt’s over at Leonard’s playing Wii fishing. Leonard pushes it too far over the phone and Penny tells her dad she and Leonard have been lying to him.

8:24pm – Cut to Wyatt angrily talking to Penny and Leonard about honesty.

8:25pm – Once Penny leaves the room, Wyatt begs Leonard to not give up on Penny because he wants to see grandkids before he dies and doesn’t want them growing up in a house with wheels. He then fake yells at Leonard to get out. “I’ll friend you on Facebook.” – Leonard whispers to Wyatt before leaving.

8:26pm – Sheldon spent all night working on the Penny specific seciton of the new roommate agreement. When Leonard tells him they broke up again, Sheldon throws the papers in the air and the fall in the apartment like giant, flat snowflakes in a snowglobe. “Do you even think about other people?” – Sheldon before storming back to his room. 8:29pm – At lunch the next day Leonard asks Raj how it went and Raj gets really defensive. Sheldon thinks he was contacted by aliens and was asked by the government to keep it a secret.

8:30pm – “Did you get to play with Raj’s big telescope last night?” – Leonard asks. Then they get super awkward.

“I can believe you didn’t call me this morning.” – Raj

The End.

Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The 21 Second Excitation”

I dug this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, mostly because Penny’s back. While the boys head out to a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the girls have a sleepover, which happens to be Amy’s first. Hilarity appropriately ensues.

8:00pm – Penny’s watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with the guys and not enjoying it  nearly as much as they are. Leonard can’t believe she hasn’t seen this movie, she can’t believe he hasn’t read Eat, Pray, Love. “When she comes out with Eat, Pray, Run Away From A Giant Boulder, I’ll read it.” – Leonard

Apparently Eat, Pray, Love changed Raj’s life, but Howard still won’t watch it.

8:01pm – Sheldon hasn’t seen the “Thriller” video all the way through because he doesn’t like the idea of zombies dancing also, it’s scary.

The guys are going to see the movie in theaters with an added 21 seconds, Penny’s not interested.

“If I could make you understand why this is such a cool thing, we’d still be together.” – Leonard. “No, no we wouldn’t.” – Penny.

“I’m guessing 21 seconds had something to do with that too.” – Raj through Howard.

8:06pm – The gang’s eat at Cheesecake Factory the day of the movie. It’s 5 o’clock and the movie doesn’t start till midnight, but he still wants to leave now to get tickets. Everyone else things they’ve got plenty of time.

Apparently Leonard didn’t have a very good time waiting in line for Star Trek Nemesis for 14 hours.

8:07pm – Amy says she’s siding with the group to gain status in them.

Leonard doesn’t like Howard and Bernadette’s olive knock knock joke, to which Howard responds “Knock knock.” – Howard. “Who’s there?” – Leonard. “I have a girlfriend and you don’t.” – Howard.

8:08pm – Bernadette and Penny are having a girl’s night to which Amy responds “I’m a girl.” She says she’s tight with Penny because they’re menses are syncronized.

8:09pm – Amy asks Penny about coming to Girl’s Night. Penny’s not excited, but she invites her.

They get to the theater and there’s a pretty big line. Sheldon has replaced “I told you so” with “I told you thusly.”8:10pm – We cut to the Girl’s Night and Amy’s talking about her unusually firm cervix. She has a real zinger about her tilted uterus. Penny explains that they don’t have to just talk about lady parts.

8:11pm – Amy’s really bad at girl talk. Amy has a feeling that either Penny or Bernadette will become her best friend forever.

Penny opens another bottle of wine, but Bernadette says she’s worried about driving home. Penny says she can crash. Amy says it’ll be a slumber party, her first ever. Penny agrees and then Amy hits her in the face with a pillow.

8:12pm – The guys are still in line. Howard apparently has, basically, a catheter in so he doesn’t have to leave to go to the bathroom.

Raj comes back and tells them they might not get in because there’s too many people in line.

8:13pm – Wil Wheaton rolls up. Sheldon refers to him as the Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe. Some guy comes up and tells Wil and his friends they can go to the front of the line. Sheldon’s outraged.

8:19pm – The sleepover now involves Bernadette talking about Howard’s one, very long chest hair. Penny finishes painting Amy’s nails, she says they’re pretty and then

8:20pm – Sheldon’s reading Wil’s Twitter feed, saying it’s best to keep an eye on one’s enemies. Note that Leonard’s reading Eat, Pray, Love. He then answers a phone call and gets tricked into saying “I’m a total buttwad” by Penny.

8:21pm – Back at the slumber party, they move from crank phone calls to truth or dare thanks to a list on Wiki. Check the actual page out here. Amy asks Bernadette about some science fact and after being corrected, asks about the circumferance of her areolas.

8:22pm – The line gets cut off right as the guys get up to the door.  Sheldon sees a side door and jumps in, the others follow him, discussing which one is Short Round. 8:23pm – Amy tells “The Miller’s Tale” by Chaucer when dared to tell a dirty story. Penny goes with Truth and Bernadette asks her why she still hangs out with Leonard so much. Even Amy’s noticed it.

8:24pm – Penny says Leonard’s a great guy and they can still be friends. She says that Leonard got serious and she wasn’t ready for it. Amy asks what will happen if she’s ready and someone else realizies how great of a guy Leonard is. Penny storms out of the room and slams her door.

8:25pm – In the bowels of the theater, Sheldon comes out with the film cannisters. If he can’t see it, no one will. They make a break for it with Sheldon singing the theme song. Wheaton gets a mob to chase them down.

8:30pm – Amy and Bernadette are waiting while Penny’s in her bedroom. Amy reads that slumber parties also tend to involve experiments in lesbianism, so she goes into Penny’s room and does something naughty which Penny doesn’t seem to like.

Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Apology Insufficeny”

Though Penny was back in a few leg-obscuring shots, she didn’t really play much of a role in this week’s episode. Hopefully that will change with next week’s. Otherwise, Raj, Sheldon and Leonard all got interviewed by FBI Agent Page (Eliza Dushku) to see if Howard’s okay to work on a government project. Hilarity ensues. Hit the jump for the full live blog. Continue reading Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Apology Insufficeny”

Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Irish Pub Formulation”

Tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory involved Leonard’s secret affair with Raj’s visiting sister. I would guess that the episode was written before Kaley Cuoco got hurt and was probably expanded a little bit because there isn’t much of a B-story. I didn’t really have a problem with that as the episode had some good old fashioned physical comedy and yet another great performance by the cast, including Jim Parsons’ Sheldon. All that being said, I do miss Penny. The show’s fine without her, but she really brings something special to the show. Or I just have a crush on her. Hit the jump for the full live blog. Continue reading Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Irish Pub Formulation”

Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Desperation Emanation”

Tonight’s episode revolved around Leonard’s loneliness. Even though Sheldon says he and Amy aren’t dating, everyone else has a girlfriend except the very sad Leonard. Even Raj has a deaf girl apparently. Howard sets him up with one of Bernadette’s friends thanks to a Girlfriend Pact they have. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s freaking out because Amy asks him to meet her mother.

8:01pm – Sheldon still says Amy’s not his girlfriend and that he doesn’t like any kind of prolonged human contact.
Sheldon’s got a rad Green Arrow shirt, but I can’t find the damn thing anywhere.

They’re watching Incredible Hulk. Sheldon says even the Hulk has a girlfriend, though Leonard doesn’t.

8:04pm – Sheldon’s talking about there being a parallel universe in which a Sheldon doesn’t believe in parallel universes.

8:05pm – Sheldon’s suggesting he join a senior center to meet people, just like his meemaw did.
“We never put meemaw in a home!” – Sheldon.

8:06pm – The guys meet up at the comic shop. Howard has a special ring on his phone. Apparently Raj also has a girlfriend who happens to be deaf.

“What?” – Leonard. “That’s what she says.” – Raj.

8:07pm – Even Stewart has a girlfriend he met at Comic Con. When she wants to have sex, she puts on her plus sized Wonder Woman costume and says “Who wants to take a ride in my invisible plane.” Yeesh. He doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t want to be alone.

Apparently Howard and Leonard have a girlfriend pact.

8:08pm – In a very scientific way, Raj tells Leonard he couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison with a stack of pardons.

Back at the apartment, Leonard’s sad. First Sheldon gives him trouble for not having a girlfriend, then Amy buts in via webcam.

8:09pm – Amy tells Leonard that his pheromones might actually be stinky to other people because he’s so sad. She suggests he go to a bar, but Sheldon says he can’t do any of the regular bar things: throwing darts, holding his liquor, etc.

She then suggests a juice bar and Sheldon adds a sushi bar to the list.

8:10pm – Sheldon has to void his bladder and says goodbye to Amy, but she asks him to meet his mother. Sheldon shuts the computer and then runs after Leonard down the stairs, yelling Leonard’s name, finally catching up with him and asking what the mother meeting means. Leonard tells him it means they’re dating.

8:11pm – “Fix it for me.” – Sheldon, who then suggests that Leonard take over for him with his Amy relationship.

8:12pm – Leonard uses physics to explain to Sheldon that he’s screwed.

Leonard heads over to Howard’s wearing a blue Apple T-shirt and not his trademark vest and hoodie. Haha, he was acting like he worked at the Genius Bar to pick up chicks and got locked up in mini mall jail because of it. Buy one here. 8:13pm – Leonard invokes the girlfriend pact because he wants what Howard and Bernadette have.

8:18pm – Before his date, Leonard asks Sheldon how he looks. Sheldon says like a Body Snatcher duplicate but with more hair gel.

8:19pm – Sheldon has gone a little crazy, deleting his digital footprint and changing the number of the building so Amy can’t find him. He’s also changed his phone number and sent Amy a relationship termination notice. Smooth.

“Got your back jack, bitches be crazy.” – The postman to Sheldon after Sheldon explained his situation.

8:20pm – Amy shows up anyway because, duh, she knows where they live. Sheldon asks Leonard to lie for him. He opens the door, tells Amy Sheldon’s not there and she walks away even though Sheldon said lies need to be complicated.

Bernadette apparently crossed Ebola with the common cold at her job (not the Cheesecake Factory). Crazy.

8:21pm – Leonard’s date Joy shows up right from spin class, wipes her armpits with a napkin and explains that she’s hilarious. In reality, she’s actually awful.
Joy and Bernadette met at krav maga class, I believe that’s Israeli marital arts. Wow, I was correct on both the spelling and the country of origin on the first try. Impressive.

8:22pm – I have no idea what Sheldon’s doing, but he sounds crazy as he walks down the stairs, saying science things on each step. He gets it wrong and goes all the way back upstairs. Ah, apparently he’s saying the stars that are nearest him.

He goes downstairs to see Amy waiting outside. “Oh dear, she really be crazy.” – Sheldon.

8:23pm – Back at dinner, Joy is eating the most expensive thing on the menu, threatens Leonard’s balls because that’s apparently what you do in krav maga and says she has to take a wicked wiz.

8:24pm – Now Sheldon’s wearing a parka, winter hat and Groucho Marx glasses, thinking it will get him past Amy, who is sitting on the steps.

Amy says she wants to present Sheldon to her mother to get mom of her back. She tells him not to be absurd when he asks if she has fallen in love with him.

“Amy Farrah Fowler, that’s the most pragmatic thing anyone has ever said to me.” – Sheldon. He then asks if she wants Chinese food and she tells him he’s suffocating her.

8:25pm – Howard says he was once robbed by a pre-op tranny on a girl he met on JDate and that wasn’t even on his top 10 worst dates list.

8:26pm – Joy invites Leonard to her cousin’s wedding, he’s about to say no because he doesn’t really like her, but she says there will be an open bar and that she’ll be practically giving it away. He agrees.
8:29pm – Sheldon meets Amy’s mom on Skype and tells her they’re having regular intercourse, that they’re like wild animals and it’s a wonder they haven’t gotten hurt from their raucous sex.

“Yes, it’s time for me to make love to your daughter’s vagina.” – Sheldon. They hang up. Sheldon then suggests they engage in coitus, followed by a bazinga! He then asks her to leave because it’s bedtime.

Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 12

Tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore was all over the place. There was a fire, attempted hookups, relationship drama, an almost fight, lots of blown wingman-ing and even one of the cast members saying they’re thinking about leaving the show. Basically a lot of little stuff happens that gives everyone a little spotlight. Here’s the live blog! Continue reading Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 12