How Do You Like The New Digs?

God, I hope this all works. As I mentioned the other day on my 500th post post, I’ve been looking to update the site a bit. After a lot of tinkering with Word Press and a ton of editing (there’s no more of those old “this post does not go on” notes) I think it’s finally ready to show off. Now I just need to make sure the switchover from Blogger to WP goes off without a hitch. As I type I’ve already got confirmation that the payment has gone through, but typing in doesn’t bring up my site so I’m kind of hanging in limbo at the moment.

Anyway, you’ll notice a few changes. For one thing the pictures are WAY bigger than they used to be. I’m guessing that’s just something that happens when you switch formats (they’re probably the size they were originally uploaded at as opposed to the edited versions I put in to wrap around the text. What do you think? Should I aim for larger images as they appear now or smaller, like on the old site? You might also notice some missing videos on the older posts. That’s another difference between WP and Blogger, but I’ve already figured out how to correct that. If you do come across a video that doesn’t seem to be there (or anything else for that matter), give me a holler. I’m still working the kinks out, so any help will be appreciated.

And, finally and most importantly, by far the coolest thing about the new site has got to be the rad logo. Rickey (of Cool Kids Table and Rowdy Schoolyard fame) drew the image of me and the monkey. This has been a project months in the making and he really killed it. The only problem? I didn’t realize how friggin’ small the area for the image would be. Ah well, I think it looks pretty fantastic. Thanks also has to be given to Em who helped me figure out the fonts and color for the logo along with the colors for the rest of the site. As of now it’s 3:19AM, I’ve been sitting at the computer since about 9:00PM and the site still isn’t being recognized when I type it in. I’m hoping it will just take some time and am tempted to wait it out, but I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m going to head to bed. Hopefully I’ll wake up to my brand new site. Night!

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